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Deutsches Unterforum / Hello my friend your blog is best Jamesbedge
« Last post by Jamesbedge on Yesterday at 23:30:32 »
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Deutsches Unterforum / успешные базы для хрумера
« Last post by Isaacskymn on Yesterday at 21:45:26 »
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Deutsches Unterforum / Hello my friend your blog is best Jamesbedge
« Last post by Jamesbedge on Yesterday at 16:32:11 »
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Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on Yesterday at 14:20:05 »
Peace be with me

Peace be with me
As I enter the stage
Demanding courage

The ultimate courage
In facing the things
I might not be able
To change

The courage of facing
Of myself
And others

After crying comes laughter
Years ago I wrote
That I, too, would die
Asking the reader
To smile
From beyond the rainbow
Of sad tears

That I would laugh loudly
From above
Looking at the end

Nobody laughs more easily
Than someone who knew death
Can walk just by

Can snap everything instantly

I didn't expect this
But you never anticipate
What really comes

Peace be with me
It might not be tragic
Or it might be

Maybe it's only
Something that will help me
Learn about others
Or laugh about it
How scary
It used to be

Strange, how I didn't notice
I kept looking at the same spot
Coming up with different reasons
Various fears
Yet paralysis
Was the last that could've been foreseen
By me

Yet strangely
It's maybe not surprising
If I were more attentive
I maybe would have seen
It coming

For how long has it been happening?

Peace be with me
As I'm learning
What is to come
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on Yesterday at 12:20:12 »
I am staring at myself in the mirror
I'm silently asking God
Or praying
I hope it's temporary
Not that scary thing
Affecting others rarely
But still it could be me

What would I do
If I have it
And have it severely?
Would I wear a mask?
And what do these people do?
Do they hide?
I've never seen them before

Could I also be one of the affected
Or is it just a slight response
From a trauma
And it will pass?

And why don't we still know why it happens?
How do these people feel?
How do those affected
Feel in this
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« Last post by Mobile-zem on Yesterday at 10:18:16 »
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Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on Yesterday at 10:12:09 »
In the cold light of growing up
Things can seem mercilessly
Sharp-edged, clear cut

The truth is it's infantile
To climb up
For the fame or pleasure
Of being high up
It's the adult
Way of winning the affection
Of Mom or Dad

But it doesn't mean those free
From the ladder
Are better or cleaner
Or even freer
Or more grown-up

I'm not sure these categories even fit
They're too broad
Too label-like

I remember how someone
Pretty important just said
"I know people that
Could've made it big
They had all that one could need
For it:
Education, connections, ties...
But they chose to disappear
Inside a structure,
A slow machine
To make it better
To turn its path to
Improve the lives of people
Of so many people
And nobody even knows their names

And I remember how someone
Very famous
Was discussing who truly is a hero
Who deserves the badge
And the honor
In his short essay
For him
Heroic acts weren't enough
He felt like
Dissecting it
Tarnishing it

He wanted to disrupt
What he didn't even want to know how was working
Or why

He was a very cruel unhappy man
With a golden tongue of self-delusions
And direct lies

And I feel like a very cruel child
But I don't understand
I'm curious
I don't care how you call yourself
How you call another person

Your actions will always testify for you
As do your choices
It might not be well-known
But the ripples go everywhere
Sooner or later the waves come to you
The longer you put it away
The harder it hits

And I know no other method
But trying to understand
I apologize profusely
Because I might not know
And as adults
We have to do what needs to be done
But we also must know why
We have to stay curious
Like children
To take care of ourselves
And every child
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Deutsches Unterforum / Where is Administration ??
« Last post by Bogdanrzt on Yesterday at 03:13:05 »
Where is administration?
I'ts important.
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