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I hope there would be more and more reports ;) Don't want to let it go.

And hope there will appear a photocollage with all of those banners. The whole message is great. This is how love can unite such a big country  ;D

Yes, today will be posted a report about the show in St. Petersburg. Just now I'm at work and have little time for this.  ;)
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I hope there would be more and more reports ;) Don't want to let it go.

And hope there will appear a photocollage with all of those banners. The whole message is great. This is how love can unite such a big country  ;D
oh that's a good idea (with a photocollage) i think, i'd like to make it but firstly i think we need to ask the authors of this idea if they don't mind ;)

Yes, today will be posted a report about the show in St. Petersburg. Just now I'm at work and have little time for this.  ;)
good luck at work - and we're waiting with impatience of your report, 'cause that concert was so amazing, judging by photos and videos ;) :D

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good luck at work - and we're waiting with impatience of your report, 'cause that concert was so amazing, judging by photos and videos ;) :D

Yes, the show was amazing. Probably the best on this tour.
And so the report should be large and detailed.  :P ;D
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I hope there would be more and more reports ;) Don't want to let it go.

There will be, that's for sure ;D

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Yes, today will be posted a report about the show in St. Petersburg. Just now I'm at work and have little time for this.  ;)

Looking forward to it with great impacience, longing to read more and more  ;)
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So it is time to share with you the impressions of the brightest, most explosive and memorable (for the four of us it is) show in Russian Tour 2014 – show in St. Petersburg!

We arrived to the city early in the morning on an overnight train from Moscow. We quickly got to the hotel by taxi.
We were very lucky. Our hotel was located on a nearby street with the club. Just two minutes walk.  :)

Our lovely Anastasia, who spent a lot of effort and a lot of time to prepare our flash mobs in this city, immediately ran to the club Kosmonavt to control how the 500 red balloons will be hung to the ceiling, so that we later could shower them down.
How did it look like, you can look at these photos.

I must say it was done before the installation of the lighting equipment for the show. And it caused us some concern.
First, our construction of the 500 balloons was large and could be a hindrance. And also it was very noticeable. But we could not hide it.  :)
Secondly - the balloons were fixed very easily so they could be set free when you pull just one rope.
Now I can say that everything worked out. Our fears were in vain.  ;)

At noon, our ballons were fixed. We could say that the first part of preparation for the flash mob was finished.
Our Anastasia was able to return to the hotel to relax a bit.
Then came our turn to do something. We went to the club. There've been a few fans nearby.
We took some of the stuff. It was only the fourth part. But it was an impressive fourth part. 80 cm long crackers.
It was the biggest ones of our crackers. We wanted to use them to make a shot from the second floor of the auditorium.
Here's how they looked.

In addition some of the crackers that were 30 and 40 cm long, were at our friends’ hands. They had to bring them to the club later.
But that's not all! Another big box of flappers we bought on the day of the show.
That's such a big box!

Now we were ready for the show!  8)

Before the start of the show for a long time we stood on the street. It was cold, as compared with the weather in Moscow weather in St. Petersburg is always colder.
But it did not scare us! If you read the report of the first Moscow concert, you know exactly the way that we could keep warm!  :P
In any case, it was an amazing time while we waited for the show to begin. We met wonderful people. We had fun and almost did not notice that the street is very cold.
And so our great and fun company with a big box crackers near the entrance to the club saw Joerg. 
I think you all know Joerg. So let's say thanks again to him. Because he kept our crackers in secret.  ;D

And then came the moment when finally it was possible to enter the hall. Unfortunately here some complexity begun.
Security didn’t permit us, and we could not take all the crackers. Our 130 crackers!
We told them that everything had previously been settled with the director of the club. But it did not help.  :'( >:(
We called the director and agreed that we only use half of crackers. Only 65 pieces! It was a disaster!  :-\
But we cheated  security a little bit ... and we managed to bring along about 100 pieces.  ;D
Unfortunately the biggest crackers (80 cm) had to leave. Damn, that was such a pity.  :(

Before the start of the show we gave crackers to people who were close to the scene.
Part of them we handed to the people on the second floor in VIP lounge, instead of large ones.
And then sounded «Intro» ...
I want to say that applauding during «Intro» and «Komet» and simultaneity keeping crackers so that they were not visible from the scene was a rather complicated process.  ;D
We kept them between the legs, behind the waistband of the pants, or even in the decollete... to take them out at the right time and shoot.  ;)
Once again I want to say thank you very much to all the people who participated in our flashmob.
We had a very powerful simultaneous volley!

How it happened, you can see on the photos and videos below.

And video:

It was unforgettable!

Such a powerful beginning the show gave a lot of energy to make the whole night special!
It seems to me that everybody felt it. Both the musicians, and the wonderful audience.
On this day, everybody gave this magic show 300% capacity!

I suggest you see a few more photos of the show in St. Petersburg.

Entire show was like one unforgettable moment. And the time had come for the second flashmob.
On the final words of the «Rote Sinfonie» our 500 red balloons fell from the ceiling…
Our friend Anna helped us with this. Thanks!

Here are a few photos for you specially with red balloons.  ;)

At the time when the balloons fell there was one funny incident.
We learned about it only after the show, because we were close to scene and did not see it.
At the concert, there was another wonderful Anastasia, who was Harlequin.  :)
Here is our photo, which we did after the show.

Anastasia in the costume of Harlequin sitting on the shoulders of her friend just at the moment when balloons fell.  ;D
We even have a picture!

All 500 balloons fell exactly on the Harlequin.
But do not worry, with our Harlequin all is OK and she was very happy to participated in the flash mob!  ;D

A lot of balls were in the hall and on the stage. Sometimes they burst, which could be a sort of continuation of the flash mob with crackers.
Our red balloons were even used as football balls during «Copycat».
Thanks, Anne!.

As well as a guitar pick.
Thanks, Henrik!

I am never tired of saying thanks for the wonderful audience that a burst of applause and shouts invited a band to another appearance on the stage to play «Der Morgen Danach».
We saved about 10 crackers and we welcomed the band with small volley! Yes, yes, we are crazy!  ;D

And last chords sounded ... The most amazing show of the tour came to an end.
It was the unforgettable two hours. Two hours were as one second, but in this second in all the emotions and feelings of many songs are contained.

So you can see this show completely, I have a video for you.  :)

But first – setlist.

+ «Der Morgen Danach»

And watch the video!

The next morning we waited for the plane to Krasnodar.
Yes, in Krasnodar, because then we went by bus to Rostov. But that is a story for the next report.  ;D

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Amazing reports ladies!! Thank you so much!

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My dear ladies, AMAZING!!!! You have such a fabulous experience!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, every one of you, for sharing here your treasured memories!

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Thanks for your kind words people, there are 3 concert reviews still ahead ;D We want to write about all the concerts of the tour

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Yeah, thank you for your warm-hearted comments and we're going to talk to you about whole Double Feature Tour in Russia!
Hope I'll like our report here! ;D
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yeees it was so nice to meet you that very day - such a pity you (also) had such an intence schedule, i'd like to talk to you more. And thank you for the CD again ;) for now i have that "after-concert" state and relisten Live in Mexico City CD you brought me from Germany ;) thank you :)
Yeah i watched your videos (right the day after i wrote the report, i suppose), thank you for filmong, it looked amazing - those confettis ;D gosh, i'd like to repeat it ;D
And as for a flash mob stuff - it was fun to distribute it, so not at all ;) never in my life before i saw a 40years old men asking me to give them some glowsticks, confettis or origami lilies. It was fun and if i only could i'd help to organisators in Nsk, or Moscow, or Spb or any other city. It was fun - no time at all, but so fun ;D
And thank you for sharing your report of omsk ;)

Yes, the schedule we have had a very busy.
But I hope it was not our last meeting anyway.  ;)

Oh, I'm glad I did not forget the CD and that he did not stay in Moscow. Because I had to remember so many things, as always before traveling.  :o
And yes, you're right, it really was very cool. All this is to organize and then see how it turns out.  :)
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Ekaterinburg, 17/10/2014

Arriving to Ekaterinburg...
My biggest impression about Russian train stations: lots and lots of stairs without any comfortable options of luggage transportation (no lifts or anything). Or maybe we didn't find them. I am not a strongest person and my suitcase was quite big. I could roll it just fine, but staircases of more than 4 steps are a big problem for me... But I was helped, sometimes by my friends and sometimes by strangers, if there happened to be any gentlemen among passers-by. ^^

In Ekaterinburg finally, after Siberia, we found some snow!
Arriving to the concert hall, we've found some people standing in the queue already... And the venue was in such region, were it's really hard to get, somewhere on the outskirts of the city... Anyway, there were enough people. Though, could have been more if the promo-campaign was bigger (same goes for all the cities).

So... then - the plane to Moscow.

Oh, Julia, you're right. I think we counted all the biggest stairs in each city. Definitely, the stairs - the biggest attraction for us.  ;D

And you're right again when you say that the place where the show was located far away and difficult to reach there.
But still people were there and we handed out as always our things for flashmobs.

And I do not think that in cold weather, someone of us could get a beautiful Harlequin. They were all equally "cute."  ;D ;)

Yes, it happened that our flash mobs in Ekaterinburg, I could see from the side.
And I can say that it was very cool. I do not know where I point the camera - on stage or on the audience.
It's great that I have made a video of only one flash mob. Otherwise I would not have a video of the concert.  ;D
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Rostov-On-Don, 21.10.2014

So our next destination was the concert in Rostov... So we took a plane to Krasnodar ;D it happened that way, because there were troubles with the Rostov airport at the time when we were buying plane tickets so we decided we will fly to Krasnodar and then we'll rent a small mini-bus with a driver for a very reasonable price to go straight to Rostov. The drive took us several hours but it was to the better because we could catch some rest (I slept on the back seat...)
We found that Rostov was a very friendly city. For example the taxi driver was giving us some recommendations about local cuisine.
And of course, it was very warm in Rostov and Krasnodar, much warmer than in all previous cities of the tour...

We had prepared some flashmobs for Rostov as well. We were worried about the sales of the tickets there, because according to the info on the websites with online-sales, there were not many tickets sold. And if there are not many people, the flashmobs can help to "warm up" the audience and bring more fun for the concert. But I have to say, everything turned out to be better than we expected concerning the amount of people, when we came there!

So, we prepared lights for the Feuer song - small  flashlights that you can attach to every finger, we gave several for every person, it would look amazing with those hand-movements during Feuer!

And also we prepared a big banner with Harlequin and the characters of traditional Russian fairy-tales with holes for the faces, so that you can hold the banner in front of you and put your face to that hole - it was a very funny thing! You can see what it was like on pics. It was impossible to remain serious doing this stuff!
In addition, there were 2 vertical banners for the aisles between the seats - with the inscriptions "Russia" and "Loves you" made in traditional style.
We had to cut the faces out right in the hall of our hotel, on the floor

They were pretty big and heavy, fortunately the banners were made in StPetersburg so we didn't have to carry them from the very beginning of our travel.

As we arrived, we wanted to make sure that the security guys are informed about our plans by the organizers whose permission we already had, and it was really so, everything went just fine.

It's us, between the stage (you can see it's pretty low) and the first row, with the guy who helped us a lot with flashmobs. He's called Alexander, it was his first Lacrimosa concert and he helped to make it brighter and more memorable :)

So, the lights were spread and the banners were placed on their proper places and the concert started.

Here is the setlist for the concert - fortunately, they did play Feuer right after Lichtgestalt, although it's not on the list:

The concert was just great! So many people stood up from the sitting places! Although, it didn't let us set up the banners in side aisles... But We simply held them up before the stage when the musicians came back for encore.
It was such a good surprise to hear Feuer so that we could perform what we've planned!

Here is how it looked like, sorry for not the best quality, but there was only one person who took the pics of our lights and banner and we are very grateful that those pics exist at all.

It was so amazing to watch the musicians laugh and smile when they saw our banner! It was clearly something that they didn't expect. We ourselves couldn't help laughing because when you're holding your face in such banner you understand you're in an extremely ridiculous position XD

And this is Tilo's photo from the blog

I can say that in Rostov the atmosphere of the concert was very warm! It is definitely a good memory!

Here you can watch some videos from the concert:

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Oh! This is the idea!
I couldn't understand the message of the banner. But now I see - it's the Harlequin among the russian mythic characters! Nice idea... cause I agree that Lacrimosa's music is very close to russian soul... It's as deep as needed. As meaningful and serious...
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And now... It`s report time!  ;D

Moscow part one – Ray Just  Arena.

As for me I felt like I attended in the Revolution in 1917.

About the concert – I can’t say it was the best one. No, it was … not so exciting I’d imagine, and it`s not a band’s fault. They were great! But people were the reason.  It seemed they were frozen during the concert. Not so active like Siberians and so sloooow… I don’t know why. But the flashmobs (ours and from other fan-club) could shake them up a little.
At the end of the show many people called the band to come back on stage for the last song. And they were back to sing Der Morgen Danach for us.

Such a gift!
But before it Tilo said that Henrik had broken a few strings on his guitar and harmed his finger in the beginning. As he said it was the first time during his playing with Lacrimosa.  Poor Henrik had to play the concert with a bleeding finger. You might have seen the photo on his facebook. I hope, he’s ok now.

Set-list from the concert + Der Morgen Danach

After the show we hurried up to the hotel, to take our luggage and to the night train to Saint-Petersburg, where the most interesting and exciting show ever was waiting for us!

Yes, Tatiana, we waited for you very, very much.  ;D
And were glad when you came and brought with her the means that we have not frozen.  ;D ;)

Incidentally, at the time of the flash mob at the Revolution, I did not feel emotions like you.
For me it was so when I watched the video.
Indeed the 1917 revolution. Although I can not judge it fairly competently.  :)

But I do not agree with you that the public has been frozen.
Although the public has been frozen because as we stood for several hours in the cold weather.
Frozen audience would not deserve Der Morgen Danach.  ;)

And of course, thanks to Henrik for the fact that no one noticed during the show that he damaged his finger.
This is a highly professionally and cool. Thank you!
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