Author Topic: Lacriwelt's b-day gift for Tilo!  (Read 63172 times)

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Lacriwelt's b-day gift for Tilo!
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Quote from: "Lux Aeterna"
Quote from: "Anita schwarz und weis"
Dear Carolinka :) as you know,it could sound as буду лгать :) buuut...listen here :D
1.there is no principal difference.the phrase I'll lie we translate я навру :) буду лгать- attention on time,солгу-on action :)
2.I wanted to make damn difficult russian  pretty easier :) буду лгать is too long.It's like to say...some very difficult german word or much worse-chinese for us :) so,the phrase doesn't leave the idea and much easier :)

In short words, WERDE is a verb for making future tense?
will I right if I say - ich werde arbeiten - I will work?

yeah yeah ;) it's future simple :) ich werde,du wirst,er/es/sie wird,wir werden,ihr werdet,sie/Sie werden+some verb=future simple ;) good luck at learning German

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Lacriwelt's b-day gift for Tilo!
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great!  :!:   :)