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Tilo Wolff:
My Dears!

This is for those who plan to take an effort to make me a present for my birthday: PLEASE DON'T!

You know why?
Right now I am nothing but a part of the creating process of the new album and I am inconceivable for anything else! Plus I don't want you to make anything out of this. Just relax and spend your thoughts and your precious time for the ones close to you, ok?! Please!   

Tilo Wolff:
Dear Ladies!

I got informed that you wrote lots and lots of mails to our office about this thread in which I asked you not to send me any presents.
Some of the mails I read - to read all of them is nearly impossible - and a part of you is assuming that I wrote this thread as a result of something someone wrote in this forum and now everybody is against everybody... what is going on with you?!

I asked you not to send me presents because of what I told you (and not because of what you thing that could have been the reason)! I just wanted to give you the chance to sit back and relax.

Well, as it turns out the opposite occurred - for you and for me - and so I don't say anything to this anymore!
Just one thing: Please stop accusing eachother, rather be united in the love for the same music! 


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