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Tilo Wolff:
My dears!

I'm still in the production of our new album but today we already can provide you with the tour-dates which is pretty exciting! Confirming concert dates while working on the music that we are going to perform during these dates!

Well, here they are:

23.09.12   PL   Warsaw   Klub Muzyczny Progresja   
24.09.12   PL   Krakow   Kwadrat   
25.09.12   AT   Wien   Szene   
27.09.12   CZ    Prag   Rock Café     
28.09.12   DE   Leipzig   Werk 2   
29.09.12   DE   Dresden   Schlachthof 
30.09.12   DE   Erfurt   Gewerkschaftshaus
01.10.12   DE   Nürnberg   Hirsch   
02.10.12   DE   Magdeburg   Factory                     
04.10.12   DE   Berlin   Postbahnhof   
05.10.12   DE   Rostock   Mau Club                   
07.10.12   CH   Pratteln   Z7   
08.10.12   DE   München   Backstage   
09.10.12   DE   Karlsruhe   Substage                     
11.10.12   DE   Saarbrücken   Garage   
12.10.12   DE   Bochum   Matrix   
13.10.12   DE   Köln   Essigfabrik 
14.10.12   DE   Ludwigsburg   Rockfabrik       
15.10.12   DE   Frankfurt   Das Bett 
16.10.12   DE   Hamburg   Gruenspan   

I am so much looking forward to this because I'm working on the new album with all my heart and I can't wait to bring it alive!

yay^^  Vienna will probably be THE place for me again  :)  i won't make it to Germany quite surely this year as well, especially when i get accepted to the uni i applied for as it starts in October  :(  when i don't get accepted, well then, this might change my plans a bit  ;D   will see you in any case, be sure of that  :)

good luck with your album^^  can't wait to hold it in my hands *hyper*  and especially can't wait to see my favourite band on stage again *double hyper*

*khem, looks like only the mods are able to answer in this topic because Announcements are read-only*

Dear Tilo, I am very looking forward to the tour as well. First looking forward to listen to your new songs and then to see you perform them live. Even if I don't manage to attend a concert on this particular tour, I am still very happy and excited to see the videos, pics and reviews from the upcoming concerts (including those blog-pics made by you ;)).
May your work on the album be very successful and I wish that everything will be the way you want ;)
Recently I've found an interview where you told that the new album is going to be a big surprise. I really want to know what is it going to be! I promise to listen to it without preconceptions and judgments, because I think that if you are making the album with all your heart, then we should listen to it with our hearts too.
Good luck to you! :)
Thanks for bringing the news here!


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 ;D ;D so we have just used it to our benefit then... XD *sorry guys*


--- Quote from: Asphodel on May 19, 2012, 11:32:14 --- ;D ;D so we have just used it to our benefit then... XD *sorry guys*

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muahahah *angel face*  ;D


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