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Lacriwelt's b-day gift for Tilo!

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Lux Aeterna:
Well, what could be created by 10 Ministers, a biggest publishing house in Russia and a German records label for 2 weeks?
We got an answer – a special gift for Tilo Wolff!

Yes, we all created the exclusive Russian Lacri course for Tilo Wolff. There are 10 lessons of Russian language, based on Tilo’s lyrics. Now our gift is on a way to Schlieren, but we want to show you what we created )

Every teacher took just the only line of Tilo’s lyrics for  own lesson and explained clearly how to pronounce it in Russian.

The whole course contains a book (workspace and lesson’s texts) and digipack with 10 sound lessons inside. There is just the only one original, no any copies.



Cover of digipack:

Here is bigger size:


Released  project:

The book and digipack:

Opened book:

Opened digipack:



There you could to see photos of the whole project in good size.


Sound lessons…

we  don’t want to share all of them, coz it is present just for Tilo, but some of them we'll show you too )

 :!:  Olena and her lesson, based on Der Morgen Danach.  
Look, she speaks like telling the fairy tale, really )

:!: :!: our  chick Helen with her lesson based on Reissende Blicke

:!: :!: :!:  our sweet optimistical Anita with her lesson, based on Alles Luge!

Just for fun – here is an unexpected error from my own lesson )))  
Don’t laugh at me so much!
(it is an original, without any photoshop or mastering :) )


The Team

:arrow:  Well, GREAT thanks to those Ministers, who took the part in this project – and supported me during our work.  You know, guys, I was very weak that time… and without you I could not have the ability to produce this project. You gave me wings with your support and faith, really…

:arrow: Great thanks to Igor, the owner of EKSMO publishing house, Moscow.

I’ve met him after leaving EKSMO, but we are good friends, and when I told him about this project, he said just: “Of course, Caroline!”. It was cool to work with  Eksmo team again ) It seems, my new book I’ll bring to EKSMO only ))

:arrow:  Great thanks to Kai, the owner on FK DIGITAL RECORDS, Berlin.

Oh, guys, Kai is absolutely wonderful person and I pray for keeping friendship with him for long long time. He’s very, very busy, but – when I said him about his project, he said: “Of course, Caroline, I like such crazy projects!”  Well, good sound of our lessons - it is his merit only.

By the way, now I see with smile how Igor and Kai send eachother compliments about good work in this project )) Eksmo team likes how sounds lessons, FK Digital records likes Eksmo work... Well, I will be not surprised if these companies will work together further, haha ))))


5 facts about this project:

1/ The idea of this project was born just on 20. June.

2/ First audio of Anita I rejected because of... her bad Russian, haha ))

3/ After listening to our samples, FK Digital records said 7 names - these guys must re-record their samples, and Kai gave us some good advises. So, now our guys know how to get good record with a home computer.

4/ There was about 10 versions of covers. The last was created just a week ago :)

5/ it is my handwriting on the cover. I wrote in Russian the lyrics of Tilo's song. Which song I meant? ) (it is competition, yes :) )


Tilo, our dear Monarch… Now, on your 39th birthday, we bring this gift – the result of the work of friends – and I would like to wish you great friends in your life, coz it is the most important thing in this world.

I wish you to get friends, who say : “Of course, Tilo!” – for your every crazy idea.
I wish you friends, who love you even you are wrong.
I wish you friends, who strongly believe in you, who give you wings, who don't leave you, never betray, never blame…

Now, Tilo - look around.
All LacriWelt is filled with such true friends of you.

Happy birthday, dear. We all love you so much.

P.S. About russian.... Tilo, please, study your lessons well - I gonna test you when I'll meet you )))) and all our teachers too!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



oh, it looks really... just great! :D

I'm impressed!


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