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karito elodia osorio13.04.2016 23:03 
my sweet Tilo (my rainbow):
Today is a gray day again here in Santiago, the meteorological center announced rain these days, it's cold, but suddenly it rains very little. I'm studying, but since yesterday I did a little time to write. I want to tell you that as I had a problem in the eyes, I had to go to the eye doctor because medications fortunately I'm better, but I have to continually go to the doctor, to see that my eyes are well. I'm emocinalmente unstable, but I try to feel good, reminding you happy makes my day and I feel better. I sincerely hope you're well, although perhaps're very busy, and I understand. with all my heart I hope my words help if you're a sad, you are a sun and you should shine. I want you to remember that my words are sincere and I expect nothing change, one day I could give you many hugs and kisses.
P.D: your doll of you, I bought new clothes and you look too beautiful, especially now that it's cold, and do not want to get sick so I take care of you .. well take care much blessings love you, your karito

karito elodia osorio12.04.2016 23:06 
I write to ask how are you, I hope you're well. although today in santiago is a gray and cold autumn day, I remember you, I happily excited thinking about you. I write so that through a dream or maybe I answer with a song or directly with your words you tell me you're okay. I hope that wherever you live shine and you shine in my heart. tomorrow I will write to tell you how I am, now I'm studying, and I became a time to write, thinking in you keine schatten mehr. hope someday read my message, sent to you endless hugs and kisses to my beloved Tilo. I gift special smiles for you, your karito.

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Rockxy  E-MAIL23.03.2016 01:44 
Hi dear Tilo and Ann I am heart broken I was supposed to see you in Mexico city last December I i purchased the tickets but I wasn't able to afford the trip from the USA to Mexico. My question is why don't you come to the USA!? THIS BREAKS MY HEART truly ! :'( love forever Rockxy34@gmail.com fan since 2010

Lily Cortes (Maki Unheilig Lacroix)  E-MAIL Homepage17.03.2016 20:14 
I hope someday read this dear Tilo, hope you are in good health, I'm a fan of Lacrimosa since I was 10, and Tuesday 14 March ise one of my holdings in life were to become part of my skin, I ise one tattoo on my left arm of the harlequin band, was worth spending the pain as it is my first tattoo, I want you to see but nose as show you, kisses from Antofagasta, Chile.
Thanks for joining me in my life with their music.

karito elodia osorio  E-MAIL Homepage14.03.2016 17:41 
hello my beloved Tilo. how have you been ?. my heart says you're right, I hope so. I had forgotten to tell you in previous messages I'm glad a lot, because the health of your foot is fine, and I'm very happy about it, now you have to take care of a lot, avoid accidents, I admire your strength and still devoting yourself to what lacrimosa love you more.
Tilo do very well noting that there are no false lacrimosa pages, because there sadly fans who believe they are real and it is not. I know that in one week spring comes to europe and autumn here, I like the autumn, I read on a page that you also like autumn where you like to compose and write, is this true ?. I wish good a nice day and week please take care much, you're glad my heart and know that you breathe and you're fine, makes me happy, my heart is fine. my eyes are some problems, but I hope you are better when I go to the doctor this week, I followed his advice and I'm taking good care of my health. hugs and kisses for you, I read you next lacrinight. your karito.

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