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I love the mysteries
Of the wind

Even if cold and biting
Wet with angry kisses
It brings
What the human world misses
Out on
It makes accepting
The flow
Of atmospheres
And how easy
It is to break
A human skeleton
For them

It makes space for
The pressure
Of things beyond us

Is not harsh
It just doesn't care much
For anyone in particular
A strict nonempathic mother
To an oversensitive child
Of humankind

That kicks and bites her back

When I close my eyes
I see the skies
Their cloudy wheels
Over the grasslands

Bringing peace
Of the scarce land
By the spilled blood

And yet still it's less crimson
Than the lands of previously
Immense wealth

Than the lands glorified in death
And still complaining
Over their own blindness

I love the mysteries
Of the wind
How it clashes
With the man-made
Artificial lives
Testing everything
Till the end

Picking apart the right
From the wrong
Because you can't pave
Your way through the wind
Unless you accept
All that it is
And all that you are
Strong at or

I love
How it reminds me
You can glorify in your lies
And bend people by them
There's always time
And nature
To set things straight
For those forgetting
Their place
In the true realm
Of objective

So I love the mysteries
Of the wind

Even in their cruelty
There's beauty
Of the intense
When things go bad -- do something good.