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If love is a competition
Of which body is prettier
And who gives more pleasure
And satisfaction

Then it’s doomed to fail
As each body wreathes away
And every pleasure dims
And every satisfaction
Becomes less and less
As a thing in and of itself

If love is a partnership
Then no mystery remains
As the best partners are those
Who function smoothly
At all moments
They merge into one
There’s so little space for

If love is
Only a set of sensations
And dreams
Then more dreams
And more sensations
Will always appeal
More than what can be real

When you love someone
You want them to grow
Be strong and happy
You want to get to know
Them and how they’re evolving
What they can teach
Your soul

Love cannot be pleasure
But it gives life to pleasures
Gives meaning to life

Love is
The greatest gift of humankind
But we are praised to lust after
The mirage
Of pleasure that is to last

But nothing like that
Can be on this planet
When things go bad -- do something good.

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Antw:How About Poetry???
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I close my eyes
The mountain creek
Starts noisily
Pulling down the crystallinity
Of water

Taking with it
The ideas of glory
I read so many things
About so many people
Did they ever feel sorry
For what they had done?

I close my eyes
Life is but a fleeting moment
This truth is often first discovered
When you feel doomed
There's no race
For love
It's not a war
It maybe is a truce
Of hurting egos

At least in how this world is made to run

I close my eyes
I recall
Things I had known
What I experienced
These sensations feel so real
How the water ran crystal clear
How hot it felt on my skin
When I swam in it
Or rather
Held tight to the shore
To not be washed down and away
By its powerful stream

So many lies we swim in
Or rather
Are carried by into the future
Not so many have the strength
To even ask themselves of
What would they like to see in it?
How this future should be?

I close my eyes
Yes, I often live in my dream world
Or rather, I see how dreams could be
Alive and dancing
Off a tree to a word
To a melody
The magic I discovered to save my soul
We live in our fantasy when we have no control
Over painful reality

But the real social world
What is truly real about it?
At times it feels like this cold powerful stream
But I know that it ends in a waterfall
Through many a sharp stone and turn
I don't want to be carried there
If I can simply walk along
Or sit on the warm shore
How it carries on
Until I decide
Whether I want to go
And where
When things go bad -- do something good.