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Antw:How About Poetry???
« Reply #3315 on: January 21, 2020, 19:14:04 »
You know I will never utter a word
Against You
I can only watch
Hoping for guidance
How the sunbeams dance
On the silvery river

Dare I call it
A betrayal
Can I overcome
What I don't even know
Would it break me
If I'm ever to learn

And the lies surrounding
Me and my presence
I can imagine them
I don't believe anyone
Could be inventing them
But I couldn't believe
Many things that happened

If I protect myself
I am to be blamed
If I utter a word
I can hurt
And it would shatter me
You designed me for a reason
I don't dare to ask

An empty home
Catches my eye
Brought by a gull
On my knees, I reach out for it
One half is broken
One is simply dirty
The mother of pearl still there

Oh Lord
Is it my answer
Am I also an empty shell
Or will I soon become one?
When things go bad -- do something good.

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Antw:How About Poetry???
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Was it not an answer 
But advice?

Before the shell
I found the modeling clay
I was thinking to make him
What I longed to make
For a long time
I wanted to give him
Something to keep a flame in
If he feels cold and sad
If it’s too dark for him to see
Any hope
A warm flame to warm him up
When he needs it
That was my idea of a pearl
For him 

But would he
Even keep it?
Would he give it away 
To another 
As my dreams, as the poetic world
I got so used to
My soul might have given birth to it
I’ve blocked the memory
Did you want to show me
What would come to my gift?
Could you want to protect me?

Did you want to show me
That just like a gull can dine 
On a peacefully sleeping creature
Breaking into its home 
And discarding it afterward 
The same can happen to my art
To my soul and mind’s gift to him?
Would he give it away to another
Or just discard it?

Could it be so that
My love has no real value 
My heart has no real standing 
Do they mean nothing to him?
I don’t feel this way
But do I know him?
Has he ever really cared
To see me, or was he simply hungry
And now he’s probably fed up
With me — and has someone else
Or maybe he always had?.. 

All I know is
I must stop 
I too much wanted to love him
I thought he could be like me
Drifting in the world of sound 
I’m praying to Her for mercy 
There is no decision to make
I can’t freeze the time 
But my body and mind 
Are turning into ice
When things go bad -- do something good.

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Antw:How About Poetry???
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In memory

I see her hands
Releasing you

She, as I remember her
Taking a picture of a tree
Mirrored in an open window
The gentle breeze going through
Her hair
A girl laughing
With such well-hidden despair
All the things she wanted to share
She wanted to share with you
She thought she knew you
She thought you could understand

The seas and the oceans and the lakes
The floating imagery
The waves trying to kiss the earth
Constantly broken by the ragged cliffs
Her heart was hidden beyond them
From everyone but you

I see her hands
Releasing you
Like a dove
To find the shore
That will suit you
As it seems to be
Your choice

There's no way I could speak
How what meant everything can turn into nothing
Some have a touch of life
Some have a touch of death
There should be both
I have a gaze
That makes things alive or dead
Within me

So I dread

She lets go of you
You're too much for her
She doesn't make you
Nor wants it
No, she never really wanted
To leave you
She needed you
To be calm and happy
Just to know you're fine
Could be enough to elicit a smile
In her very soul

Her despair still watches us
The hidden monster
Invisible and unstoppable
Shreds of our soul got spilled in the erratic flow
Of her music
But art is art
Life is life
Even art needed to be governed
Even you must have misunderstood

She and I
The child and the governess
We're both speaking now
I'm singing her a lullaby
I will take your place
She will love you forever
She might not recognize your face

To A*
Your worlds
Are colorful
Captivatingly elegant
Unpredictable, gentle
Tell me
What I already know
That this needs no control
It might come
It might go
Just like a sunbeam
A speckle of light
A beating heart of a flame

Your worlds
Were making me smile
When I thought the light
Would never return

I smile now, watching
Tracing your mind's play
The lightness of your hand
Speaks much to me
I adore the way
You feel poetry
From the books
And of everyday

I can feel the same
Through your mastery

The feather of hope
Touches me
Could it be I was looking for
Those I am like
In the wrong place?

Could it be I was too fast
To give up
What connects me with you?

Your worlds
They breathe light into me
They are inspiring
They calm me down
They make me hope

Your choices
Expand my universe
I'm thankful for
Finding you
I need your worlds
As mine are shattering
I'm taking after you
I'll follow you
I need someone
To help me
Saving my soul
When things go bad -- do something good.

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Antw:How About Poetry???
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My sword

I see in my eyes
I suddenly know
My sword
Is thin and silvery
The handle is encrusted with pearls
In Her Majesty’s name
And sapphires
For the sea in the sky that I belong to

Her name was and is Mary
Her Majesty is my Queen

How come
That my Excalibur
I had to find to fight with you
Tell me
How does it feel
Forgetting your own name
The honor you were born with
How does it feel casting it away
The river of my sword
Is faster than any viper
I woke up
Just to see you fall

How does it feel
Where are you
Where is the brave gentle man
I’ve given my heart to
Where is my friend and childhood playmate
My beloved and my destiny
Will I ever see him again
Will he ever play with me
As he used to
Will he dry my tears
As only he could
Will he be with me
Ever again?

And the violin is crying gently
My sword, I direct it at you
To fight for you I’ll have to fight with you
How could everything go so wrong?..
When things go bad -- do something good.