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Antw:French Language Conversation group in LACRIWELT
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SALUT!  :) Je voudrais bien ecrire quelque choses en francais ici- avec vous-  mais je ne peux pas encore..... :-[ >:( :-\
je pense, que je doit lire plus dans mon livre pour francais...
ici- en Bonn- nous avons pluie actuellement et je veux reste a la maison pour les lendemain heures. Et vous?! BISOUS. Nathalie.;)

Oh- no- not also really in Englisch now... ;) do I really--really have to translate it.....hahaha....ah..gonna do it later... I promise...:)))

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Antw:French Language Conversation group in LACRIWELT
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I have a question but don't know, where to write, so I thought it would fit in ths thread.

There is a song I like a lot, but I don't speak French very well, so maybe one of you could help me to translate the lyrics:
Trouver dans ma vie ta présence (Jean-Claude Gianadda)

Trouver dans ma vie Ta présence,
Tenir une lampe allumée,
Choisir avec Toi la confiance,
Aimer et se savoir aimé(e)

Croiser ton regard dans le doute,
Brûler à l'écho de Ta voix,
Rester pour le pain de la route,
Savoir reconnaître Ton pas

[au Refrain]

Brûler quand le feu devient cendre,
Partir vers celui qui attend,
Choisir de donner sans reprendre,
Fêter le retour d'un enfant

[au Refrain]

Ouvrir quand Tu frappes à ma porte,
Briser les verrous de la peur,
Savoir tout ce que Tu m'apportes,
Rester et devenir veilleur

[au Refrain]

This is what I understand:
I search in my life for your presence,
I hold a lightened lamp,
I decide myself for trust with you
Love and you will be loved in return

Stay in the streets for bread (?)

Burn, when the fire turns to ash
Go to these, who wait for you
Choose to give without recovering
Celebrate the return of a child (Jesus?)

I open, when you knock at my door
Break the chains of fear

So far what I was able to translate... :-[ I don't know whether you translate with "I" or with the imperativ... Oh dear...

Thank you for your help in advance!  :-*
Musik drückt das aus, was nicht gesagt werden kann, doch worüber zu schweigen unmöglich ist. V. Hugo

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Antw:French Language Conversation group in LACRIWELT
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Translation, wiiii!! :D sure I think this is the right topic :D and here is my version ;)

Finding in my life your presence,
Holding a lamp shining,
Deciding to trust you,
Loving and knowing you are loved in return

Meeting your eyes when in doubt,
Burning with the echo of your voice,
Staying for the sake of the bread of the journey,
Being able to recognise your step

Burning, when the fire turns to ashes
Leaving to meet/for the one who is waiting,
Choosing to give without taking back,
Celebrating the return of a child (Jesus? Nice hypothesis, agree :))

Opening, when you knock at my door,
Breaking the locks of fear,
Being aware of all that you bring me,
Staying and becoming a guardian

The tense isn't imperative, it's more a description of actions that the person maybe wishes to do or is simply doing ;) I think this English "tense" corresponds quite well.
And this is definitely a beautiful song, full of faith feelings!! Christian or Jewish, isn't it??
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