Author Topic: What has made u happy or miserable  (Read 877548 times)

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Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Reply #34815 on: January 08, 2019, 16:54:14 »
Happy: Well, I'm almost on vacation... january is the best month because there isn't much work, just a few things to solve. I still go to work, but lighter than the oher months due to court stop.

Happy 2: My old lady (my 15yo dog) is at home now. She spend a week at the hopsital because of a heart issue.

Sad: Lacrimosa announced a concert next March. I feel happy for my friends, but I will not attend this time. I don't live at São Paulo and I can't leave a newborn for so much time. I feel sad because I don't miss a concert since 2010, but now there is a important reason to. And it is a very important tour... But I hope everyone enjoy it :D
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