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Title: What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: WalkAbout on July 09, 2014, 16:26:02
Hi all!

Might be now is not the high time for opening a somewhat (or fully?) philosophical topic, but I'm much into thinking of this question lately, and really want to know your opinion: what is beauty? What do you consider beautiful? Can you show any examples of it? What is beauty as a concept? How pretty, nice and beautiful differ from each other? (that would be hard to distinguish, I guess, since none of us who are active here lately are native speakers of English, but let's try, anyway ^^)

I'll write my own answers on these questions once I can formulate them. But really - I'm really looking forward to know how do you see it, guys!
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: LUSha on July 10, 2014, 20:08:10
interesting topic Nina, i happened to read Kritik der Urteilskraft some time ago, i liked it very much, was intended to find out what is beauty, and why some people find something beauty some others not...
i find the reasoning and analysis in this book so convincing, delicate and has a strong logic

so let i will use the most vulgar example to tell how i think....XDDDD

since im sort of feminist i would take man as example....lets say if you were a straight woman

if you saw a man, you find he looks beautiful and all you want to do ist to do him, this is called desire

if you saw a man, you find he looks not beautiful, its okayy, but you were touched by his kindness and other unselfish, generious behavoirs, you dont want to do him, this is called goodness...

if you saw a man and find him beautiful, but without any desire to take him and do not fall in love either because love is also a form of desire, you just somehow feel so good because of his look, behavoir etc....and this good feeling you want to convince other people too about your taste...

this is beauty....

Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: godgott on July 10, 2014, 20:16:49
Interesting topic, Nina!
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: Fernanda Alves on July 10, 2014, 21:01:40
I also thought your topic very interesting.

I think the beauty is something so subjective, so particular. I always say "the beauty is in the eyes of who sees". I think it's a famous phrase here. And it's useful for everything, since people to landscapes, passing through music and arts, for example.

And I agree with LUSha. Beauty is not intrinsic to desire. If you have the capacity to look without any intention, just admire and admit someone has the elements that makes this person harmonic in your concept, this is beauty. But beauty and love can walk together.

As I believe the beauty is in the eyes of who sees*, I disagree about the goodness part. I believe there's beauty in feelings because I believe in inner beauty. Looks strange but someone can fascinate others by it. That's beautiful. Analyzing others without the external apperance and get to this conclusion. Of course, the external has its influences, but there's no beauty on - not so good appearances -? Always has it, because everyone have their way to see.


* I understand this phrase in its general concept. Not only see, but fall into grace (I don't know if it's a correct way to say), that sort of things.
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: LUSha on July 10, 2014, 21:38:43
I read of an interesting example of difference between goodness and beauty.
Actually beauty is abstract...and not only limited to appearance, but does with aesthetic
I should say, i agree with separating aestethic taste and morality..

An architector designed a beautiful palace, visually and artistically, but when he publish the news and ask for comments, audience criticize thtat this palace is built on the budget of over taxing on people amd left citizend in poverty, so they think the building is ugly, this is a confusion of goodness into beauty.
 A real pure essence of beauty is what i have been looking for and wondering about...

Another exampke, if a musician or painter is not kind at all, he is mean to people, takes drugs, getd criminal charges but he makes a hell of beautiful artworks, the artworks even done by an evil, is still beautiful....ans there i find it funny that people trying to avoid the artistic tastes from famous dictators because they dont want be seen as unkind....then they sarcrificed pure beauty...
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: Fannie on July 10, 2014, 23:50:25
Indeed interesting topic, Nina :)
Well, I also think that beauty is something subjective, as what can be beauty for someone may not be for someone else, so the concept and the definition can vary a lot depending on the person. For me something beautiful should elevate my senses and make me experience any kind of feelings that I can enjoy them.
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: Shadows-In-Twilight on July 11, 2014, 21:06:13
"beauty can't be seen, but only kissed"  ;D 

for me, beauty is love, freedom, happiness. nature. mother, father. a good book, a song, melody. simple things in life  :)  more time for this great topic i will have tomorrow, i need to sleep now, job awaits in the morning ...
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: WalkAbout on August 03, 2014, 17:15:19
Thank you all for your inputs! :) It is an honour that you liked the question I posed in here :P It's been a pleasure to read your thoughts on the topic and, actually, it gave me much to contemplate on. I guess, though, that yesterday I've arrived at my own definition of what is beautiful. So, I think that we consider something beautiful when we long to it, when we resonate with it to some extent. By longing I don't mean the desire to own, but for some, it seems, beautiful means 'something I want to own', as I understand those people - I rather mean a feeling to extend its stay (of the thing considered beautiful) within the premises of one's surrounding, whether in mind or in reality. But also I think that we want something to stay when it is already what we feel is right for us to stay by... like it seems to be familiar with something deep within us. Strikes a chord. Thus, a beautiful building corresponds with the inner notion of one's 'ideal' world, in somewhat Platonic sense of it, 'how an ideal building should be/feel', same with a beautiful thing, like a bridge, or a bookcase. In this case beautiful is close to taste, and it explains, in my understanding, how taste can be trained and why this all is very related to culture and upbringing. We all have that ideal world within us, a dream world, something some of us build ourselves day by day, and some just pick up  from mass media (we all do that, of course, since we share cultural codes, it's impossible to be a part of society and not share it, at least to some extent). And when something outside (or within!!) resonates with this ideal world within us, we call this beautiful. We may not know what exactly is there in this world, because as far as I see it, it isn't purely (or even can hardly at all be) conscious, but when we resonate with something, we long to it, we want to extend this experience, to etch it somewhere in our memory. We halt and immerse into it, as if meeting our own ideal world (if only a shade of it).

This is how I understand beauty now. And this actually sums up my long brooding on why I experience so much hard time whenever I try to define something like beautiful or not beautiful - for which I still have no answer, except that, perhaps, I don't like dichotomy as a concept  ;D ;D ;D I guess I would have rephrased Tilo's 'beauty can't be seen - but only kissed' as 'beauty can't be seen - but only felt'. And yes, beauty can leave you cold - no desire might arise - but it would correspond to something within you, you would feel this something striking a chord, resonating, and to this similarity you would nod and say 'yes, this is so, this is beautiful'.

Lue Sha, I actually dream of a day when I finally would read all the books I want to read, and this one has its place in that pile :( I guess I would put it higher on the list now, thank you for mentioning it during this discussion. :)
Title: Antw:What is beauty? What is beautiful?
Post by: godgott on August 04, 2014, 19:28:04
Beauty is freedom amid nature with art which speaking about love.