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Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by Andry Aras on June 12, 2018, 23:44:54 »
Happy ;D

To see you again!!!
Hello beautiful friends!!!

Oh my Ghost!!! I’m so excited to be here again, I feel like a… don’t know, it’s weird… I’ve been lost for a long time so… Is it a rebirth?
Lot of kisses!
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by Kitty on June 11, 2018, 12:37:09 »
Wenn die Leise Stimme
in einem wach wird
die Hoffnung durch jedes Wort
im Leib strömt und
Energie das Licht hell macht
zu lange die Dunkelheit gefürchtet
weil sowas schönes dahinter liegt!

Wenn das Herz die Seele konfrontiert
endlich was zu machen, statt zu verkrampfen,
dort hin zu fliegen
wo man heilt, wo man ganz ist
und schönheit einem umgibt
ohne Sorgen, ohne wenn und aber!

Wenn die Lügen nicht länger wichtig sind
weil jeder seine Wahrheit selbst kreiert
selbst entscheidet wo es lang geht
die Liebe um jeder das wichtigste im Leben wird

Ja dann, hat man die Antworten gefunden,
die man so sehnsüchtig gesucht hat,
wenn man im Leib fühlt was einem sagt
ohne Nebengedanken, ohne Untschied
einfach SEIN wer man IST,
ohne Vorwürfe
ohne Angst
ohne Sorge
Off-Topic / Antw:What book are you reading? And what does it do to you?
« Last post by Kitty on June 11, 2018, 12:30:28 »
Turned back to my spiritual teachers in life, people who made life just that little bit less of a struggle... by not making me believe anything, but the answers I find in myself whether or not they get together with how they see things. I love it especially when books pop up your road all by themselves in mysterious ways. This way I just finished a very special book, which can offer not only insights in how we stand in life and how we complicate things endlessly... it also gives hope... and HOPE is in the end all we need, HOPE and TRUST...

The book I'm talking about is "Dying to be me" from Anita Moorjani. She (nearly) died from cancer 10 years ago. Even docs had given her up while every vein of her body was giving up on life and she was sucked deeper and deeper into coma. She tells the story from her side, how everything changed the moment she realised she was dying and that she had the choice about practically EVERYTHING. That all that really matters is uncodinional love and that in opposite to what we all think, we are capable of living this kinda love even in physical bodies. I know there's a lot of controverses about this nearly dead experience in general, but I think it's worth reading this story because apart from what she describes having experienced while crossing over, there's a lot of spiritual wisdom we don't need a nearly dead experience for to understand.

I thought sharing it here because my heart gave it in.

Off-Topic / Antw:Thought in one line
« Last post by Kitty on June 11, 2018, 12:23:22 »
It's actually very simple... we just make it too difficult... it's not so hard to love even someone who makes your life as hell... because such behaviour is in fact only a proof of how much a struggle the other person makes of life... and we should not contribute to someone else's drama, right? It's just a matter of keeping in touch with who I AM and that is not depending on anyone but myself... the insight of this alone gives freedom. We are free to choose! free to be who we want to be! Free to chose peace over drama, love over hate, happiness over sadness but in the end we are specially free to feel what we feel and to let things go with the flow... just be.
Off-Topic / Antw:CONFESSION ROOM...
« Last post by Kitty on June 11, 2018, 12:17:48 »
I confess that I somehow woke up again... but as in not illusioned... not disillusioned... I needed everything that happened in order to know what I know now... hard to explain but it all kinda makes sense... even that you let go of my hand when I needed it the most, or was it me letting go of yours? We're never apart, never alone, none of us is! SIMPLE as that. I love you all!
Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by Kitty on June 11, 2018, 12:13:54 »
Miserable.... Sad, today I dreamed of a person who is no longer here, and it is terrible to wake up and see that it was all a dream, and I will never again embrace you.

Rather late but still had to answer to this. We should perhaps try to keep the spirit alife from such a dream... I think that the moment you were dreaming it felt good and you were happy. I recall having such dreams in the past of people who are no longer in my life whether or not dead, when in the dream I felt complete and loved and eventhough I felt a sting of hurt when I opened my eyes and realised it would never come back I tried to hang on to the feeling of being complete... in fact there is no such thing as separation, there's just being. I truly believe that all that was and all that will be gets united in what IS. I send you a warm embrace! Losses are always very hard to deal with.

Happy: reading again, reading and feeling and searching and finding
miserable: of losing track every now and then.
Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by karinapinotti on May 22, 2018, 04:44:05 »
happy - I have met a friend and she is filling me with hope, she is teaching me English, she lives in the United States, and we talk frequently. ;D
not everything is sadness.
Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by karinapinotti on May 22, 2018, 02:00:00 »
Miserable.... Sad, today I dreamed of a person who is no longer here, and it is terrible to wake up and see that it was all a dream, and I will never again embrace you.
Off-Topic / Antw:CONFESSION ROOM...
« Last post by karinapinotti on May 22, 2018, 01:57:41 »
I confess ... I would trade every day of my life to have a last day with a special person.
Longing hurts more than I imagined.  :'(
Fanclubs/Fanpages / Antw:F.C Lacrimaniacos Brazil
« Last post by karinapinotti on May 16, 2018, 06:24:12 »
Boa Madrugada pessoal :P
No Site do Lacrimaniacos Brasil Lacrimosa temos um Fórum com vários conteúdos dobre a banda, desde entrevistas traduzidas de diversas datas, matérias, curiosidades, brincadeiras entre os fãs, espaço para divulgar seus poemas entre outras coisas:

PORÉM, queria convidar a vocês para conhecer um novo trabalho que estamos fazendo com a ajuda de nossa Diretora de SP a Andreza Daae Lioncourt, ela esta traduzindo CORRETAMENTE todas as letras do Lacrimosa... chega de traduções toscas do Vagalume ou Google tradutor \o

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