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Поиск москва - Найти родственника, Как найти автомобиль
Deutsches Unterforum / Peaches and Screams Shop UK
« Last post by KatieApani on Yesterday at 19:06:53 »
Looking for Suggestions I'm thinking of getting Wedding Stockings from Peaches and Screams Store. Which sexy nightwear pieces would you recommend? xxx
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on Yesterday at 09:34:53 »
This morning
Looking at my body in the mirror
I asked myself

Would I have ever called it easy
To be a woman in the still so male-centric world?
Is it truly us
Who can change it,
Or is it only how it's made
To look like
What we maybe
Want to believe?

Is it truly as easy
As saying
"If only..."?

This morning
I recalled a story
Of a woman that was a poet
The first and only
Widely known
Woman poet in the steppes

How she was challenged
By the male star of her times
Into a poetic battle

How, losing, he made her
Choose between
Betraying her husband's family esteem
Or betraying
Her very own
Poetic skill

This morning
I'm asking myself
How many delusions
And avoidances of the truth
We are still contending with
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on April 15, 2021, 23:14:53 »

Some see their muse
In the tragic beauty of how transient
Everything is

Some assign someone else
To be their muse
Putting her into a cold place
Denying her human existence
So everything is safe
Everything is
Under control

They do not question
How does it feel
Having your naked skin
Touching a stone of their
Vision that confines you

They will strip her and bare her
And not let her hide
She has to shine

To be so
She must not be alive
Not really
As a memory
Of what used to be everything
As memory
Of one’s childhood
She has to be effervescent
And inhuman

A goddess
Can’t be weak
Or she can’t protect you
To feel safe enough to live

And it can be different
It doesn't have to end in death
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on April 15, 2021, 17:12:50 »
Trees look like people
People look like trees

こころーの かたち


If a tree is like a person
Then what does lie in its heart?
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on April 14, 2021, 21:05:53 »

Back in time
All that while
Extended like salty
Stretches of barren earth
Still, these views were sultry
To me, they were welcome
Because I was at home

Back in time
I believed in what was a lie
So I learned to fear the truth

Back in time
All that while
Take your treasure troves with you
What’s the point in wealth or fame
If you aren’t you?
If you sell yourself

Back in time
I recall the horses’ hooves
Measuring up the distance
Chunking up the time
Between bravery
And blindness

All those people knowing the harshness
Of elements
Could be much kinder than those whose prayers
Adorn the horizons

You have to know yourself
When your entire life depends
On what's beyond your feeble
Scarce imagination
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on April 14, 2021, 10:58:56 »

She said
"After this tragedy
My father became a different man
He learned how to love
He hadn't been shown before
How to
So he never knew
Until she killed herself
And I'm still afraid
To lose someone suddenly
So I don't initiate
Any contact
With any friend
What if they disappear?"

She said
"He was a kind and gentle man
So sensitive
So fragile"

And I'm reading
How he was a violent man
Because of so much bottled up anger
How he threw stones at his friend
And cut the face of his girlfriend with a vodka

Some people look to me like
Fuelled up tanks ready for combustion
At any moment

And they might look gentle, too
And have a mind-blowing amount of anger
Towards you

It's not you, really
It's just you paying for it

And I am also
Scared to reach out to others
To maintain contact
I feel afraid to lose people
It happened always so suddenly
And I felt so guilty
And I feel afraid of gentle people
That harbor much anger
I tasted their violence
The mind-tearing controversy
Of a demon springing out of the angel
And of it being spoken
As something normal

I'm so afraid of such people
That I question any motive for action
That I have

What if I also can be so?

And it seems that tragedies can teach us
But I'm not sure it's the same lessons
That we learn
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on April 13, 2021, 20:07:12 »
The more I see you
As just a woman
The more my heart
Is breaking apart
Your and mine

And the deeper it gets
The more I know
How many there are
People in this world
Seeing it as a cold
Hostile place
For the reasons
They never chose
They weren't treasured
So they value nothing
Of life

They want to drown
In their senses
Blunt their senses
Melt their senses
So they envelop their feeble bones
Like a molten metal
To become sharp
Of unbreakable protection

They cannot hoover
A moment
They fall into it
Like a stone

They cannot feel
For anything
It's too unbearable
To just be

This state I am in now
Is not shattering
It's a feeling of being filled up
To the brim, to the end of my eyelashes
With the tears of compassion
And sadness
And hope
For a way out
For another story
For everyone

As always
I'm just crying
Just crying in general
For no one
And everyone
For no one
And you
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on April 11, 2021, 19:28:52 »

The silence of winter
Is getting covered
By splashes
Of color
And birdsong
Falling onto its greying canvas
In ever-increasing frequency

Drop by drop
Until it’s a waterfall
Of everything changing
Into the summer clothes
« Last post by laurie on April 08, 2021, 18:18:33 »
it s me again.
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i would be very grateful
danke schon
Laura Davalos
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