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Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by karinapinotti on Today at 02:26:40 »
Happy - Day 23 I start on a new job <3
I will work less hours and make more money, compared to my previous job.
And the best part is that a very dear friend indicated me in this company, she is a person who met because of Lacrimosa.
And I passed the English test that the company required
Something that has been motivating me and giving me joy in the last few days is to improve my English, and for the most part I've learned translating Lacrimosa's interviews for the Fanclube.
Conclusion: Lacrimosa only brings me good things, and push me away from the bad, always.  ;D
Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by karinapinotti on Today at 02:14:28 »
Rather late but still had to answer to this. We should perhaps try to keep the spirit alife from such a dream... I think that the moment you were dreaming it felt good and you were happy. I recall having such dreams in the past of people who are no longer in my life whether or not dead, when in the dream I felt complete and loved and eventhough I felt a sting of hurt when I opened my eyes and realised it would never come back I tried to hang on to the feeling of being complete... in fact there is no such thing as separation, there's just being. I truly believe that all that was and all that will be gets united in what IS. I send you a warm embrace! Losses are always very hard to deal with.

hello my dear it took a while to see your answer
But thank you very much for the words, unfortunately I have the terrible habit of just seeing the bad side, sometimes.
I'm glad I could have had the chance to hug that person again.
But I could not avoid the sadness, and to think how many years I have still ahead without this person here
but great friends not even death can separate
Thank you. Hugs with affection.
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Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by Fernanda Alves on July 13, 2018, 20:48:52 »
Very happy: I just heard my child's heart... Tilo may forgive me, but it was the best sound I heard of in my entire life... I couldn't hold on my tears...
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Off-Topic / Antw:CONFESSION ROOM...
« Last post by karinapinotti on July 12, 2018, 23:24:52 »
I confess, sometimes I wanted a completely different life.
I feel tired of the false friendships that one has at parties, the people who only approach you, because you have something they want or need, the people I help, but when they get better, they show their true face
...and at the end of every day I will always be alone in my house, no prospects to change anything, and even powerless to keep dreaming...
and wondering if God still believes in me.  :'(
Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by Fernanda Alves on July 11, 2018, 19:48:27 »
After a long break, I'm back! And I'm happy...

Happy and anxious: Just one more month left for my wedding... It we'll be next August 11th, so I'm taking care of the small things now...  Meetings, and test, the dress, the hair...

Happy 2: I'm preparing myself for my wedding for a long time. Incluiding taking care of my skin. Days ago some pimples began to show up and I got very very frustrated. Saturday I made my lunch and after that I felt sick. Sunday I dreamt until 4pm and kept sick. I woke up Monday feeling sick. I thought I got intoxicated, because the sauce I used in my Sat lunch was not a fresh one. My mother called me Monday morning asking how I was, and I said I was feeling sick. She asked me if I was Pregnant, but I said I was not. She asked me how could I know, and I just said: I just know. Later that day, I decided to take a blood pregnancy test, and there it is.... It was positive. So I'm pregnant now... At first it was shocking, I spent 2 hours alone trying to proccess this. Then my fiancé got home and I told him what happened. He smiled, said that he was happy and called his parents - but I believe he's still shocked. My father in law cried when he knew (he's crazy about grandchildren). He sent a message to my dad saying he was so thankful for my parents raising me, that I'm giving now a extraordinary gift to him. My parents were also supportive and said that I can trust them forever. My mother is proud and said that she wants to help me whenever I need. And I still feel sick, messy, sleepy. I wasn't planning any of this now, but I'm doing my best to raise this child here inside. it's scary and beautiful.

in fact I think I suspected I could be pregnant. I stopped using the skin acid treatment before all the evidences
Deutsches Unterforum / Antw:Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Tilo!!!
« Last post by Lorelei on July 11, 2018, 04:50:07 »
Teurer Tilo, ich gratuliere Ihnen zum Geburtstag, der nicht immer ein lustiges Fest ist, aber ich wünsche Ihnen traurig nicht zu sein: Dieses Jahr Ihres Lebens schenkte vielen Menschen Ihr neues herzbewegendes Album und prachtvolle Konzerte; Sie probierten während der Gastspielreisen etwas Frisches, etwas Spannendes – Sie wurden tiefer und blieben schön!
Ich denke, alles kann nur besser und besser werden – das wünsche ich Ihnen  :)
Und es war mir besonders angenehm, in Ihrem Blog über das Konzert in Moskau zu lesen – sogar im Januar vergaßen Sie das nicht! Ich zweifelte damals, ob Sie uns hörten, aber Sie hörten und fühlten unsere Emotionen… So viele Menschen schätzten Ihr Testimonium hoch, aber konnten nicht laut und lustig reagieren, denn fühlten sich wie in der Kirche während des Requiems, und während des zweiten Teiles des Konzertes erhitzten wir uns und konnten nicht zur Ruhe kommen! Ich bin so froh, dass Sie uns recht verstehen  ::)

Off-Topic / Antw:Thought in one line
« Last post by Fannie on July 03, 2018, 16:55:53 »
About the last post of Tilo... Mmmm! 30th anniversary, will be on 2020, ok, two years of preparation!!!!!!!!!
Will be something BIG <3

*Expectations rising higher*  ;D ;D
Off-Topic / Antw:What has made u happy or miserable
« Last post by Kitty on July 02, 2018, 06:54:01 »
Happy: back on track of my meditation. It's weird why you can leave something that feels so good behind for so long. It's weird how you fall into your own gaps everytime again... making the same mistake over and over and over ... it's weird how you know what you gotta do to find yourself and yet you do everything to avoid just that... it's weird how long time I didn't wanna call things by name... and now I do... it's weird how I became so harsh and bitter and I don't really want to be that way.

happy: I think I found a way to deal with the problem that won't disappear till she's dead and that might take a long time still... I'm not gonna wait to be happy untill she does... because without knowing I might be gone earlier than her and I wasted a lifetime on her disappearing out of my life... what... if you can't change the things you look upon, you should change the way you look upon them to make them change.

happy: I came to see I was always waiting for something to be happy... "when, then"... but eventually we make our own happiness, it doesn't depend on anything and yet on all!
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