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Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by Kitty on March 18, 2019, 17:13:32 »
Das Leben läuft weiter
die Jahren vergingen
Geglaubt zu finden aber
weiss man je wirklich was man sucht?

Die Türe hast du zugemacht,
dich quer gestellt, mich rausgesetzt
aus deiner Seele, aus deinem Herz?
nie wieder komme ich da rein.

Doch vergisst man nie die Seele
die für einen Augenblick die Zeit anhielt
die Augen zum tanzen verführt
und das Herz auf Ewig geändert.

Hoffnung stirbt bekanntlich zuletzt
und hoffen werde ich bis am Ende,
dass unseren Augen und Herzen
eines Tages wieder tanzen
unbeschwert, liebevol und zart,
dass die Liebe einfach
wieder strömen darf.

Off-Topic / Antw:Now and next Playing/What are you listen
« Last post by Kitty on March 18, 2019, 16:54:35 »
Now: Darkness - Lacrimosa
Next: Bresso - Lacrimosa
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on March 17, 2019, 10:51:22 »
Wasn’t it something predictable
That we are standing here again
Opposite each other
Again -- the lovers who were enemies
The enemies who want to be lovers
Isn’t it obvious -- I succumb to you
I succumb to you -- and I can’t stand it
Seeing it hurts, but not seeing is worse
Accepting it is painful, and finally, I live
I feel alive when I accept all there is

So I look into your eyes
And I don’t avoid meeting
With the truth

Wasn’t it something predictable
If I were older, wiser, braver
I would have already succumbed to it
Long ago -- years ago -- but I wanted
To be someone else than I am
I wanted to be a saint, to be above my feelings
I wanted to preserve your world as it was
I wanted to live as if I never felt you
As if I could ignore what I knew
Pretend to be blind
As if your scream isn’t a scream
Your pain isn’t pain
Your loneliness isn’t real
And it is not mere plain fear
That stops me from seeing how lonely I am
Without you

Wasn’t it something predictable
Oh, how smart I thought I was
Yet I missed the obvious

I love you
And I can never win over it
I love you
And while there is a chance
To unite with you
I must use it
Off-Topic / Antw:Photo-game: fulfil a wish )))
« Last post by nannul on March 17, 2019, 06:12:48 »

I'd like to see you smile.
Off-Topic / Antw:Now and next Playing/What are you listen
« Last post by egonSchiele on March 16, 2019, 21:21:23 »
Now: Hooverphonic - Vinegar & Salt (Live at Koningin Elisabethzaal 2012)
Next: Röyksopp & Robyn - Monument
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on March 16, 2019, 21:19:34 »
To Nick
Isn’t she the one true mother
You and I so longed to have?
Isn’t she the final power
Everyone is to discover
With her solace like no other
Mending our souls?

Nick, I talk to you as always
When I need someone to solve this
All the mess I’m in

Wouldn’t she console a crier?
Only she can calm the fire
Scorching me within
She’s the truth, there is no liar
Who can stretch her thin
She won’t tell me “No, it’s nothing”
She’ll be here, for me
All in

Nick, you are my long gone brother
Our surnames are the same
Isn’t she the one who cares for
Us when pain becomes insane?

And the ghost that lives inside me
Are you touching me this way
So my soul is warmly shining?
Could it ever be
I wonder
So I feel the life, its splendour
Could it be
And should it be?

Nick, come near, my elder brother
You had left for our true mother
I were born instead
Yet one day it will be over
And I’m asking you to hover
Over me when I’ll discover
All the gifts that she can shower
On the lonely souls like me
In the bond of final lightness
In the void of total darkness
Let us sing a song
Off-Topic / Antw:Now and next Playing/What are you listen
« Last post by Kitty on March 15, 2019, 11:08:03 »
Now: Je suis malade - Lara Fabian ... JE SUIS MALAAAADE, COMPLèTEMENT MALAAAADE
Next: Dans les yeux de ma mère - Arno
Off-Topic / Antw:How About Poetry???
« Last post by egonSchiele on March 09, 2019, 14:15:20 »
Some stuff that was written at different times. I'll publish it here to complete the picture of it as I want to remember it.

When I die
Nothing will change
The world would continue rotating
I remember every word that hating
Me people told me
My crime being
Out of tune with them
And the world

Just being different
Is enough to incite hate
I’m a queen of social masquerade
I’m great at handling crowds
Or so it seems when you see me
But you don’t see me
Behind my transparent wall, crying with fear
My invisible shield
My bulletproof armor
So the rumor goes
I think too much of myself
I don’t deign to pay attention

When I die
Nothing will change.
Am I right in assuming
You thought I expected it to?

When I die
It finally will be all over
It finally will be silent
It finally will be home --
All dead people
Are dead the same

Is kissing me
With her cold dry lips
I fancy
You might think of me
But I always knew
The truth

You would be
Completely fine
Happy and free
Without me

We will be
We will be
Lying together
On the summer grass
Hand in hand, looking up
At the clouds
As they offset,
Animate, kindle
The solemn blue skies

And I will be in heaven
In heaven on earth

We will be
Talking with our eyes
And murmur
Filling in the silence
Between us
With us

- You extend into me -

- We’re one anyway -

We will be
Laughing together
On a good day
And on a bad day
I won’t let your smile fade
Or at least your hope
You will always be loved
By me

Yes, only you -- and forever
Yes, I won’t speak of the past
Off-Topic / Antw:TODAY'S WORD...
« Last post by egonSchiele on March 09, 2019, 14:03:17 »
Saturday: knowing
Off-Topic / Antw:Thought in one line
« Last post by egonSchiele on March 09, 2019, 13:56:38 »
Revival didn't go viral... A revival of a certain kind, yes.  ;D :D
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