LACRIMOSA - Past News (2002 - 2006)

  In December 2006

It's no secret anymore, that time is fleeting faster and faster. Much more important it is though, that one sharpens his senses even more in this beautiful time of the year and sences the beauty of the moment beyond all measure!

In this sence we wish you a special Christmas season and a good start into the year 2007!

Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi

  In October 2006

We want to thank you for welcoming us so warm-hearted on our China-Tour! We've experienced wonderful and unforgetable moments with you!!

And with these concerts in Asia our "Lichtgestalt-Tour", which brought us during fourtyone concerts into thirtysix cities, in fourteen countries, on four continents also comes to an end. But this also means, and this is the bad news, that the Lacrimosa-movie, we've announced for this year, will be released not before 2007.

But the good news is, that we then can present to you a movie containing high quality pictures from the road, the backstages and the concerts in China, Germany, Poland, Russia and Mexico! More about this comes soon.

Until then we great and thank everyone from the audience from each countries we've been visiting during our "Lichtgestalt-Tour" from the bottum of our hearts!!

Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi

  In September 2006

New concert-dates from LACRIMOSA:

Oct. 10th: Taipei, Taiwan - Armed Forces Cultural Center
Oct.11th: Kowloon, Hongkong - HITEC Hall B
Oct.13rd: Beijing, China --- The Star Live
Oct.15th: Shanghai, China - He Luting Concert Hall

Enjoy the shows!
Your Hall Of Sermon-Team!

  In August 2006

LacrimosaAfter it had to be read on for some time, that on October, 6th a new SNAKESKIN album will be released, one or the other asked me: why SNAKESKIN, why not LACRIMOSA?

A couple of words about this: I started with LACRIMOSA in order to give my poetry and all therefrom arising emotions and feelings another dimension. This is the center and the main idea of LACRIMOSA, that every composition is based on a poetry, a lyric, the written word (also the instrumental "Lacrima Mosa" which is based on these on LACRIMOSA itself focused words). This concept, this proceeding was exactly the right thing at that time and still is the right thing to this day!

SnakeskinAnd so that nothing will change this in future and that the origin of LACRIMOSA won't become uprooted, I had to create a new frame for compositions which aren't the result of the inspiration matured from the word but tell a story on their own.

So SNAKESKIN was born. This second skin represents another surface now, like SNAKESKIN's musical surface – the arrangement and production – is different from LACRIMOSA's. But underneath this skin, there is the same heart beating.

The aim is the same in both, only the ways are different. And if, besides unusual features, such as the cooperation with the great opera singer KERSTIN DOELLE, one might say about the new album of SNAKESKIN, that it sounds and feels like an album of LACRIMOSA, I can't deny it, because it was taken from the same heart, the same soul, out of the same feelings, only with the SNAKESKIN-covered hands.

Tilo Wolff

You can find more information about the new SNAKESKIN-Album "Canta'Tronic", incl. some Soundsnipets on

  In June 2006

From the bottum of our hearts we thank each and everyone who laid in us their trust and their love during and after our concerts on the WGT and in Moscow!

Thank you for all the beautiful presents and the wonderful hours!!

Tilo Wolff, Anne Nurmi, JP Genkel, Yenz Leonhardt, Manne Uhlig & Dirk Wolff

(open fullsize)
(open fullsize)

  In May 2006

Lacrimosa-ForumLACRIMOSA has increased!

Next to our official side that of course will last furthermore, we have created a forum for you, in which everyone who is connected to LACRIMOSA in one or the other way can meet, exchange and inspire mutually himself.

This new home consists of four main houses:

    here you find tips and tricks all around the forum and Ritchie, our webmaster, welcomes you as the head of the household;
    this building consists of three rooms in which you learn the current News about and around LACRIMOSA directly from us and moreover you can exchange yourself about everything that concerns LACRIMOSA;
    here you find different rooms for dwelling and for introducing yourself to each other and in which your hosts Mona and Amira will take good care of you, but only if you come announced because this area is only for registered visitors;
    the new guestbook which will replace the previous one as of now and in which you can let off steam – as had – after desire and mood.
Now, in the interest of all visitors we would like to point out that outside the guestbook merely the two languages English and German should be spoken since a mutual exchange is no longer possible if everybody speaks in his own mother tongue. Thus we cordially invite you into our new home and wish you a lovely stay and respectful dealing with each other!!

LacrimosaLACRIMOSA on Wave Gotik Treffen 2006

Once again a couple of words about our concert on the WGT on June 2nd, 2006: obviously there was some, by communication faults caused misunderstandings about our playing time on this festival. However, the good news is now, that the organizers have scheduled LACRIMOSA for an extended playing time of 90 min. and moreover reserved an optimal position for our concert so that nothing more stands against a great concert-evening!

Now, after many years we are looking forward to perform once more on the WGT and we wish you a good journey to Leipzig and beautiful days on the festival!

LACRIMOSA in May 2006

  LacrimosaIn April 2006

The following Live-dates from LACRIMOSA are confirmed so far:

Friday, June 2nd 2006 – Wave Gotik Treffen: Leipzig (D), Agra Halle
Friday, June 9th 2006 – Moscow (RU), DK Gorbunova
Saturday, June 10th 2006 – Moscow (RU), Tochka
Saturday, July 1st 2006 – Bucharest (RO), Sala Polivalenta
Friday, August 18th 2006 – Summer Breeze Festival: Dinkelsbühl (D)
Saturday, August 19th 2006 – Waregem (B), Jeugdcentrum

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

  In February 2006

If someone is planing to make a trip to Moscow we can recommend him the following party:

Date: 30 April 2006
Location: Club Relax
Address: Russia, Moscow, 8 Melnikova St. build 1.
Time: 18.00
Tickets: before concert Rus 230 (8$ US),
in club's cash department: Rus 250 (8.5$ US)
DJ's: Snuff & Pet (Plague Project).
Special guests: Voiceless Void (live music)
Live music: Crimson Black, Moonrise, Lenire
Presented by: & Suicide Emptiness

Of LACRIMOSA we can report that there will be occasional concerts this year. The exact dates will be published right here in the near future. Though, we already now can announce, that after the legendary anniversary show back in the year 2000, which is to be seen on the DVD "The Live History", LACRIMOSA will again perform on this years Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany!

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

  In December 2005

Latest News: For Joachim Witt's new album "Bayreuth III", that will be released in January 2006 on the label Primadonna, Tilo Wolff has written a duett which both artists have recorded a couple of days ago.

Like this, the new year starts pretty well!

Take care!
Your Hall Of Sermon-Team!

  LacrimosaIn December 2005

It was an eventful year and we hope you enjoyed "Lichtgestalt", the "Lichtgestalten-EP", the DVD "Musikkurzfilme", the concerts and the Harlequin!

Now we wish you bright and wonderful Christmas Days and a good start into the year 2006!

Tilo Wolff, Anne Nurmi and the Hall Of Sermon-Team!

  In December 2005

There will be two LACRIMOSA parties in the next weeks,
one in Brasil and one in Mexico!
Check it out!

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team!


Friday, Dezember 23rd 2005

Location: Hole Club
Address: Rua Augusta, 2203 - Jardins - São Paulo/SP - Brasil
Tickets: US$.4.40 (R$.10,00)
- Lu Wolff (
2 hs of Lacrimosa Special, presenting the new releases and all great Lacrimosa's success
- Norma Lee - Best of Gothic Rock
and guests
On the Screen - "Live History" and "Musikkurzfilme"
Special Guest - Olga Volodchenko - Ukranian Gothic Portal (

Saturday, January 28rd 2006

Address: Calzada La Viga # 146 Col Jamaica, Metro La Viga (Subway, Line 8 )
- Mexico City - Mexico
Tickets: $ 50 MALES - $25 FEMALES
LIVE MUSIC - Harläko - Oblivion Requiem - Atmospherico
PERFORMANCE - Alebrujos - Banshee & Nada - Vampiria
POETRY - Mario Cruz - Tranen von Herz
FASHION SHOW - Estigia - Oscar Maya
Find your tickets starting December 2005
Visit: -

  EP/DVD - Banner

LacrimosaIn November 2005

To shorten the waiting time for the upcoming DVD "Musikkurzfilme" you can view some parts of the clips and the animations already now: Trailer MPG (18,2 MB!)

With love,
Tilo Wolff, Anne Nurmi

  In November 2005

Here and there is some annoyance over the fact, that the music released on Hall Of Sermon is now also available online. Now, this isn't a belittling of the sound-carrier – if this would be so, we would harm ourselves because Hall Of Sermon is a sound-carrier manufacturer!

No, this is rather a reaction to the many requests from out of your rows, at which the poor quality of available downloads on the Internet found fault. Of course the sound-carrier is and remains the central medium of our art in its conceptional and musical compilation and with its booklet, the printed lyrics, the photos and – particularly for Lacrimosa albums – indispensable cover paintings!

"Lichtgestalten" EP

That nothing has changed to this will show on December 2nd the "Lichtgestalten EP" and the DVD "Musikkurzfilme" which both will come in high-quality Digipak and each with a 12-sided booklet and with the same love of the detail like all our previous releases!
And on this occasion we would like to introduce these two releases to you in few words:

DVD "Musikkurzfilme""Lichtgestalten EP" is the epilogue to the current album "Lichtgestalt" and lights during six titles particularly those shadows which accompany the light of a moving creature. Besides the title "Unerkannt", a continuation of "Nachtschatten" and that until now most aggresiv Lacrimosa title "Road To Pain", the EP among others also features a sarcastic SNAKESKIN-Remix of "Lichtgestalt" and a version of "Siehst Du mich im Licht?" recorded together with ATROCITY.

And who is surprised at the cover, shall be reminded, that only the albums of Lacrimosa feature painted covers, while we cultivate the traditions with our singles and mini-albums – like this one – to continue and complete the album painting with real pictures and collagen.

The DVD "Musikkurzfilme" units all of the by Lacrimosas music inspired filmlets and music clips which we have shot until now. Starting with our first music video "Satura" from 1993, over clips like for example "Copycat" and "Stolzes Herz", up to the previous unreleased filmets for "Alleine zu zweit", "Der Morgen danach", "Durch Nacht und Flut" and of course the freshly shot "Lichtgestalt", the – as we think – highlight of this DVD! All clips are swirled with poetic animations and the DVD offers usual stereo and a new mixed 5.1 surround sound. Finally one can throw a look behind the scenes and finds a view into Lacrimosas future in the bonus material!

All anniversary actions of this particular year 2005 are completed then, if only one last well-wisher wouldn't start playing his violin now...
... more about this at

Now, we wish you beautiful fall days!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  In October 2005

+++ edelNET takes on the digital distribution for Hall of Sermon - European iTunes-Cooperation for Lacrimosa-Catalogue +++

Hamburg, October 2005 - The edelNET GmbH, Hamburg, takes on the digital distribution for Hall Of Sermon, the label of the Gothic-/Metal-Act Lacrimosa. edelNET is entitled to distribut the repertoire of Hall Of Sermon for legal downloads through the internet.

The first project of this collaboration will start on October 25th, when Lacrimosa's whole catalogue will be available exclusively at iTunes. The new "Lichtgestalten EP", that will be released in the shops on December 2nd will be available at the same time during all known digital musicservices.

Hall of SermonMore information:
edelNET GmbH
Tel. 040/89085-289

Hall of Sermon GmbH
Tel.: +41-(0)43-4950936

  LacrimosaIn August 2005

After starting this anniversary year with the superb and multifaceted album "Lichtgestalt", LACRIMOSA went on European- and Centralamerika-tour, during which they performed in eleven countries, and come to end this year with the EP "Lichtgestalten", which will musically and thematically follow the actual album, as well as the release of a DVD containing – next to various bonus material
– all videoclips LACRIMOSA has ever shot in their so far 15years lasting career, including the previous unreleased clips of "Der Morgen danach" and "Lichtgestalt".
Both, the EP as well as the DVD will be released December, 2nd 2005!

  Lacrimosa-ScreensaverIn August 2005

As we've learned from some owners of the CD "Lichtgestalt", not everyone who bought the CD found out, that this CD contains two exclusive LACRIMOSA-screensaver. You only need to put "Lichtgestalt" into your computer and check the explorer.
Have fun with it!

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

  In July 2005

New LACRIMOSA-tourdates:

September 7th, 2005 Guadalajara, Hard Rock Live
September 8th, 2005 Mexico City, Circo Volador
September 9th, 2005 Mexico City, Circo Volador
September 10th, 2005 Mexico City, Salon 21
September 12th, 2005 Monterrey - Auditorio Coca Cola (Special guest: STRATOVARIUS)

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

  In June 2005

Tilo Wolff   Ann Nurmi

Thank you very much for these memorable evenings during our tour,
because without your presents none of these concerts would have been possible!

With love,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  LacrimosaIn Mai 2005

We are nearly speechless!!
Unbelievable!! What a night!

Already until midnight there were 23 guestbook-pages filled with wonderful entries about our new album! Thank you so much!! Your words have felt so good and it is an indiscribable feeling, being able and allowed to give so much pleasure with our music and to receive this pleasure and these deep feelings in return from you now!

Thank you!!

See you on tour!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  In April 2005

"Lichtgestalt"Soon it's gonna be the evening of May 2nd, that we are awaiting passionately, because, as you might know, on the evening of the release-day of a new Lacimosa album, we always have that kind of ritual, where we listen to the new album together, connecting ourselves with everyone, who, during that particular night as well is listening to our new music. And we are trying to imagine what kind of emotions and feelings you, our audience, might have while listening to the new Lacrimosa album! An incredible moment!

We are very thankful to you for such an upcomming evening! And – by the way – this night, we keep a special eye on our guestbook!

And now to our audience in Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Mexico:
Our anniversary-tour will continue later this year and of course: we won't forget you!!

And we have news for our Russian audience:
On Friday, 10th of June we will come to play our very first concert in Moscow!!

With love!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

In the following you find the actual tour-updates:

LacrimosaLACRIMOSA TOUR 2005

Mi 11.05.2005 Mailand (I) Alcatraz
Fr 13.05.2005 Bergara (E) Jam
Sa 14.05.2005 Porto (P) Hard Club
So 15.05.2005 Madrid (E) Aqualung
Mo 16.05.2005 Barcelona (E) Razzmatazz 2
Mi 18.05.2005 München (D) Elserhalle
Do 19.05.2005 Nürnberg (D) Löwensaal
Fr 20.05.2005 Pratteln (CH) Z7
So 22.05.2005 Köln (D) E-Werk
Mo 23.05.2005 Stuttgart (D) Longhorn
Di 24.05.2005 Magdeburg (D) Factory
Mi 25.05.2005 Erfurt (D) Spot
Do 26.05.2005 Berlin (D) Huxley´s
Fr 27.05.2005 Dresden (D) Junge Garde
So 29.05.2005 Langen (D) Stadthalle Langen
Mo 30.05.2005 Oberhausen (D) T-Club/Turbinenhalle
Di 31.05.2005 Rostock (D) Mau Club
Mi 01.06.2005 Hamburg (D) Große Freiheit 36
Do 02.06.2005 Osnabrück (D) Hydepark
Fr 03.06.2005 Gent (B) Vooruit
So 05.06.2005 Kraków (PL) Club Studio (f.k.a. Club 38)
Mo 06.06.2005 Bydgoszcz (PL) Filharmonia Pomorska
Fr 10.06.2005 Moscow (RU) Dk. Gorbunova (NEW)
Fr 08.07.2005 Wiesen (A) Carpe Noctem-Festival



  In March 2005

There are only a few weeks left until May 2nd, when "Lichtgestalt" (luminous figure), our new and nineth studioalbum will be released! The aware Lacrimosa-listener might have several associations by reading this title, which are thoroughly wanted, as this album "Lichtgestalt" takes to the point, what some previous lyrics and compositions indicated and prepared.

Until then we wish you all the best!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  In February 2005

LacrimosaWe are still working on our new album, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Therefor we can tell you already now the date, when our nineth studioalbum will be released:
Monday, May the 2nd, 2005

There are still some days to come untill then, but we are sure, the 2nd of May will be a very special day in the history of Lacrimosa!

All the best,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  In January 2005


First of all from the bottum of our hearts we wish you lots of love, health and joy in 2005! Furthermore we want to thank you so much for your faith, your support and your believe in us, which made it possible, that Lacrimosa is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year!! Sincere gratitude!!

As mentioned earlier, we are at the studio right now, recording our anniversary-album... and already now we can promise, that it's gonna be an exceptional album! Addinional we will play a large-scaled tour and some more surprises are to come this year...!

IInto this senses we look upon the future with great expectations!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  Im December 2004

I have no idea how you see it, but I love Chistmas and everything that belongs to it! And that is why I enjoy every minute these days and I hope that you find lots of good and heart-warming moments in this special time of the year!
I wish you a wonderful season of Advent and peaceful Christmas!

And then to something else that might be of your interest... several days ago I started the recordings for the new Lacrimosa-album...

Take good care!
Tilo Wolff
  Tilo Wolff
© by Melanie Haack

  In November 2004

Tilo WolffFrom the buttom of my heart I want to thank everyone who believed in me and in SNAKESKIN and with that supported this new side-project, nevertheless the music is very dark and sometimes unpleasant!! This means very much to me as you express therewith how much my music and its contents mean to you!!

And for those who still have prejudice against SNAKESKIN I hope that you one day will learn that emotional art does not exist in limitations!

I wish you all a beautiful and intensive autumn
and for those who live on the other side of the planet
I wish you a beautiful and not too hot summer!
Tilo Wolff

  In October 2004

SnakeskinAfter the speculations condense and the rumours are becoming preeding-places for cranky fantasy-stories, I want to end the presumptions and notify what I originally wanted to announce earliest in several weeks: Yes, SNAKESKIN is my solo-project!

More information about SNAKESKIN you can find on, but already now I want to mention and anticipate new possible rumours, that SNAKESKIN is another musical and emotional playground for me, but that it won't detach LACRIMOSA! LACRIMOSA is and always will be my band and nothing is going to change that!

Without having the need to sacrifice LACRIMOSA for it, the gentle listener therefore receives another facet, and I wish lots of pleasure with it!

With love,
Tilo Wolff

  In August 2004

LacrimosaFrom the bottom of our hearts we want to thank every single person, who gifted us with their deep and strong love during our stay and during our concerts in Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Mexico City and on the M'Era Luna Festival in Germany!
We thank everyone who helped making these days in your countries unforgettable! You are an amazing audience, and that is why we will return!! With other words: next year Lacrimosa will go on world-tour! Also we want to thank everyone signing our guestbook with words of love and pure emotions! It feels good to read them!

By the way we need to mention, that because of several reasons, we from Lacrimosa don't write into our own guestbook. Therefore you should know, that everything in the guestbook that is signed with Anne Nurmi or Tilo Wolff, is NOT written from us!

Now we wish you all the best
and fun by reading our personal impressions from this tour!
In Liebe,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

... to the Tourspecial

  In April 2004

Lacrimosa - liveAfter almost three years of pausing from playing live we are very happy to announce that Lacrimosa will return on stage this summer! On these concerts we will present a cross-section of our musical development that culminates in some selected titles from our actual album "Echos" which then will be presented on stage for the very first time!
And these are the dates:

26.07.2004 - Santiago de Chile (RCH) Estadio Víctor Jara
28.07.2004 - São Paulo (BR) Olympia
30.07.2004 - Mexico City (MEX) Circo Volador
31.07.2004 - Mexico City (MEX) Circo Volador
01.08.2004 - Mexico City (MEX) Circo Volador
08.08.2004 - Hildesheim (D) M'era Luna Festival

We are looking forward to celebrate
unforgetable evening with you!
With love,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  In March 2004

As our guestbook is in use since 1997, we now decided to open up a new and up to date guestbook with more security and better comfort as its predecessor. Now we invide you to create the contents of our new guestbook! Have fun with it!

Further there is the answer to your most asked question of the last weeks:
Yes, Lacrimosa will come to play in Mexico this year!!!!!!
As soon as we have the exact dates, we will publish them here!

So far we send you musical greetings from Switzerland
Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

  LacrimosaIn January 2004

We hope, you had a good start into this new year and we wish you a lot of love, health and the fulfilment of your dreams!!

This year several things are going to happen around Lacrimosa and we hope, you will enjoy them!

With love,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  LacrimosaIn December 2003

In the fading year of the "Echos" we wish you a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Christmas and a good start into the year 2004, for that we made some plans already!

So be aware and take good care!

In Love,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  LacrimosaLACRIMOSA - exclusive Fan-Interview, October 2003

Here they are... your questions and our answers!
And as there is a lot to read we keep it short right here!

... to the Interview

  In October 2003

Thank you very much for all your mails, your interesting questions and the wonderful words that you have written into our hearts! The next days we will spend with your questions and we hope that we can give you comprise and informative answers that we will publish on these pages.

With love,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  In September 2003

Often when you read an interview you must notice that the questions, that really interest you weren't asked at all. Then you would like to tell your questions straight to the artist...

and soon this will be possible refere to LACRIMOSA!
You can send us your question that you always wanted to ask on Wednesday, the first of October 2003 and on Thursday, the second of October 2003 to the following address:

After we've read and (as far as possible) answered all questions, we'll publish your questions together with our answers on these pages, not to forget to mention that we take the liberty of sorting out too personal questions as well as questions that are not written in english!

If we shall not publish your name and your e-mail address within your question on these pages, please let us know in your mail! And please notice, that we'll receive your mails only on the metioned days which are October, the first 2003 and October, the second 2003! Have fun hatching your question! We are anxious!

With love!
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

  In August 2003
LACRIMOSA Titelkatalog
From now on we offer you a new service on our pages, that without any gaps gives you a view over the complete musical output of lacrimosa since the foundation in 1990 and that will be updated regular!

This titlecatalog comprises all Lacrimosa titles in all available versions that are released so far and shows, in which year, on which sound carrier, on which label and in which country the titles are released.
This titlecatalog means to answer questions but not to invite to collect!

Have fun by diving into the tabulated music-world of Lacrimosa!

Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi

  June 2003

Good news for everyone who is still sorry about the closing of our online-shop:

On July the 1st 2003 the Hall Of Sermon-Shop will be re-opened!!
Next to a complete new design, the Hall Of Sermon-Shop will come up with these improvements that were missing so far and that were half a year ago the reason to close our shop: the re-opened shop will be based in the EU, exactly spoken in Germany, which makes the delivery terms much shorter and the delivery costs much cheeper!

You can visit our new shop from the first of July on by the links of the pages of and as well as directly by the following addresses:

We wish you a nice visit on the pages of our new Hall Of Sermon-Shop!

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

  In April 2003 ...

After "Echos" left our studios and made it's way into the world and obviously also into your hearts, which makes us very happy and thankful, we would herewith like to present you our new web layout based on "Echos".
We hope you will enjoy the visit!!

Meanwhile we guess everyone has heard that LACRIMOSA is not going to play any live gigs this year - it is simply that after three years permanent producing and touring we barely would have the needed energy for offering YOU the show you'd deserve and probably wouldn't be able to give what you expect from LACRIMOSA on stage.

Due to this - and this is the good news - we have more time to compose …

Meanwhile we send you our love,
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

  January 2003 ...

IWe hope everyone of you had a good start
into the year 2003!
Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback to our new albumcover and the previous presentation of it! Now there only remain a few days until "Echos" is going to be released during which we'll wait with exitement and anticipation about your opinions, thoughts and feelings about our new album!

With love,
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

LACRIMOSA " Echos " - released 27.01.2003

After the single song "Durch Nacht und Flut", which made one to expect something very new - maybe even more melodic future from LACRIMOSA, comes now an album, which is again prooving that any kind of expectations in advance are made to be topped, when we are talking about LACRIMOSA ...
  Lacrimosa - Echos

... read more

Tilo & AnneDecember 2002

Like frequently metioned, LACRIMOSA is based on three columns, as they are 1st the lyrics, 2nd the music and 3rd the artwork! The latter is compounded by the cover, the packaging- and the booklet-design.

After eight cover paintings reflecting the lyrics and the music on a visual level, we want to present you on January, the 3rd 2003 at 10:00 p.m. on this page the heart of the artwork, the cover of our new album "Echos"!

Until then we wish you a wonderful Christmas and the very best for the year 2003!

With love, ...
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

December 2002

Now, after surges of night and flood have been smothed, we want to tell you about our new album... or at least that much that it will be called "Echos" (Echoes) and that it's gonna be released on January, 27th 2003!

01. Kyrie (12:42) - Overture
02. Durch Nacht und Flut (6:03) - Suche Part 1
03. Sacrifice (9:28) - Hingabe Part 1
04. Apart (4:16) - Bittruf Part 1
05. Ein Hauch von Menschlichkeit (5:05) - Suche Part 2
06. Eine Nacht in Ewigkeit (5:52) - Hingabe Part 2
07. Malina (4:48) - Bittruf Part 2
08. Die Schreie sind verstummt (12:42) - Requiem für drei Gamben und Klavier

With big interest we've been following you opinions about our single and the pros and cons about LACRIMOSA in general, that you've published in the HOS-guestbook. Accordingly we are very eager to read your impressions that our new album will set free in you!
Especially after this depate the contents of our new compositions will lead to several suprises! We'll be curious...!

Love from ...
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

November 2002

Now the time has come... our new single is released!

 We wish you wonderful moments with it and hope, that we met your expectations
 or even topped them and thus we didn't harm you trust in Lacrimosa!

 ... and, don't let yourself be distracted upon superficiality
 ... that concerns the music but also many other things!

 With love
 Tilo Wolff und Anne Nurmi

  Durch Nacht und Flut

 Photo by Burgis WehryOctober 2002

Less than four weeks
and our new single finaly will be released!

After four long mounth in the studio
we are yearning for the 11th of November,
of whichs evening in a small round we will intensivly connect ourselves with you through the music!

Since there were many speculations about the announced "Special Edition", we want to now lift the curtain a bit:

On November, 18th in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and in Poland a "Special Edition" of our new single will be released, on which our new song "Durch Nacht und Flut" is to be heard, after ZEROMANCER took care of it!

Because of reasons, which here to explain would go beyond the scope, those two singles will be released as one EP on November, 11th in Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States and on November, 18th in the rest of the world!

With greetings from our heart!
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

September 2002

After the release of our new single "Durch Nacht und Flut" on November 11th, Hall Of Sermon follows up with a special edition of this particular single one week later on November 18th!
This special edition will come up with several surprises,
but that's all we want to tell about it so far!

Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

These release dates are only related to the territories of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland! In the territories of Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States, both singles will be relaesed as one EP on November, 11th! In December 2002 this particular EP is going to be released throughout the rest of the world!

August 2002

On the 11th of November it finally is that far:
our new single "Durch Nacht und Flut" (Through night and flood) is coming out!

The new 4-track-single will build a bridge to a further chapter in the meanwhile thirteen years of the history of Lacrimosa! We are fortuned by your sentiment presence during the whole year, but we feld your closeness specially during these weeks and months in the studio, which we think drifts through our new single and therefore flows back to you again.
Specially we have been enjoying the gratulations, good wishes, thoughts and presents, which have reached us on our birthdays in July and August!
Thank you very much!!

With love,
Tilo Wolff & Anne Nurmi

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