title catalogue

This song title catalogue includes all Lacrimosa compositions that have been made available to the general public to date on audio and video recording media, or - in the case of unpublished titles - during radio, tv and/or live concert performances.

If a song title or a version of a song title is not included in this catalogue, therefore, it means that it is not a recording made and/or authorised by Lacrimosa.

Often songs that are being offered on the web as allegedly unpublished mixes or rare Lacrimosa titles are in reality nothing more than officially published song titles that have been edited and distorted without Lacrimosa's consent using mostly non-professional equipment and with no regard to the structure of the music!

This includes as well private bootlegs of live concert performances, simply because, without professional microphone equipment, recordings of live performances can be only made insufficiently and members of the audience chatting or applauding nearby are often to be heard louder than the band performing on stage!