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November 23rd 2010 - The next LacriNight!

You know the tradition: we – the ones listening to LACRIMOSA – are spread all over the globe thus we can't celebrate a party all together physically. Therefore from time to time we meet at the so-called LacriNight in the LACRIMOSA forum while listening to the same album at the precise same time. Like this we are connected with each other like two lovers from different countries looking at the moon at the very same time.
And so I am very happy to announce the next LacriNight: it will be on Friday, December 3rd and the theme will be the album "Fassade"! To pay tribute to the different time zones we will have two sessions. The first one starts at 9:00 pm CET and the second at midnight CET!

In the coming days I will start the official thread about this LacriNight in which we can meet on December 3rd at the forum www.lacrimosa.ch/cms/forum in the category "Meet & Greet".
See you there and take good care!
Tilo Wolff

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November 18th 2010




Recently Tilo Wolff is doing facebook www.facebook.com/pages/LacrimosaOfficial/369894612000 and twitter www.twitter.com/lacrimosaband !

If you want to find out what's going on with LACRIMOSA you have now several pages to get informed:



official webpage: www.lacrimosa.com   

official blog: www.royalartistclub.com/lacrimosa

myspace: www.myspace.com/lacrimosaofficial

youtube: www.youtube.com/lacrimosaofficial

facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/LacrimosaOfficial/369894612000

twitter: www.twitter.com/lacrimosaband

NOTICE: Pages which aren't mentioned above are not running by LACRIMOSA and neither Tilo Wolff nor Anne Nurmi have private or  other pages than these - even if the operators of such pages affirm something else!

Now have fun with the official pages of LACRIMOSA in the net!


Your Hall of Sermon-team!



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November 5th 2010

LACRIMOSA are back from their great tour to the 20th band anniversary on which they presented live songs from the latest
doublealbum "Schattenspiel" as well as classics from their versatile repertoire. The band want to thank their audience
which have gone along with them through the tour of Europe, Latin America and Russia!


Your Hall of Sermon-Team

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August 24th 2010

Tilo Wolff returns to Russia!


Tilo Wolff

After LACRIMOSA's successful concert tour through Russia this early summer Tilo Wolff returns to Russia as a DJ to celebrate this years Halloween! These are the dates:

28.10.10 20.00h Ekaterinburg Tele-club Halloween-party with DJ Tilo Wolff
30.10.10 18.00h St. Petersburg Zal Ozhidaniya Halloween-party with DJ Tilo Wolff
31.10.10 19.00h Moscow Tochka Halloween-party with DJ Tilo Wolff + special guests Stillife




Your Hall of Sermon-Team

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August 13th 2010

Dear all!

As we keep this tradition already for some years now, it was not so long ago that we last celebrated the release of the new LACRIMOSA album while listening to it at the very same time. Wherever we spent these moments on this planet we were connected with eachother through the music and our emotions arising from it!

Now we were asked if we could continue with this tradition also when there is no new album coming out. We like this idea as there are plenty of LACRIMOSA albums to share together and therefor we invite you to join us for the next LacriNight:

It will occur on Friday, the 20th of August at 21:00 CET (Central European Time) and the program is the album "Inferno" from 1995!

So, prepare yourself your favorite drink, make yourself comfortable, turn your speakers to the max and join us and everyone with the same music at the same time! Additionally – if you want – you can visite the LACRIMOSA Forum www.lacrimosa.ch/cms/forum/ and share your thoughts with whoever is joining. At 21:00 CET I will press play and I'm looking forward to dive into this album once more with you!

Tilo Wolff

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June, 16th 2010

The anniversary-tour continues! We proudly present you the following LACRIMOSA concert dates which are already confirmed! Furthermore, these days we will publish additional dates here on our page within the list of concerts as soon as they are confirmed. And yes: LACRIMOSA will also come to Mexico this year, these dates will follow as well, as soon as possible:

Date Country City Venue
21.09.10 Brasil Sao Paulo Carioca Club
23.09.10 Uruguay Montevideo tba
25.09.10 Argentina Buenos Aires Teatro Flores
28.09.10 Argentina Salta Teatro del Huerto
30.09.10 Bolivia La Paz Coliseo Americano
02.10.10 Chile Santiago Teatro Teleton
03.10.10 Peru Lima Teatro de la U.N.I.
05.10.10 Ecuador Quito tba
07.10.10 Colombia Bogota tba

Your Hall of Sermon Team

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Feuer-Clip Contest - Gewinner stehen fest

Herewith we announce the winner of LACRIMOSA’s „Feuer Fanclip-Contest“:

1st place: Video #18 by Nixe Productions - 25,16%


The 2nd and 3rd most voted clips are:

2nd place: Video #15 by Lacrimosa Fans of Peru - 16,88%



3rd place: Video #19 by Lacrimosa Fan Club in Mexico: Requiem For Lacrimosa - 11,08%


Once again we want to thank all creators of the clips. We enjoyed watching your video realizations of the song "Feuer" and all your creative ideas, thank you!

The winner will be informed in writing.

Your Hall of Sermon team!

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May 3rd 2010 - Preorder "Schattenspiel"

The new double album "Schattenspiel" which will be released on May 7th 2010 can be preordered among others at  CeDe.ch, CeDe.de, CeDe.at !


Your Hall of Sermon Team

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May 3rd 2010

Right on time for the 20th anniversary of LACRIMOSA we have opened our own youtube channel: www.youtube.com/lacrimosaofficial. We are looking forward to your numerous visits and comments!








This Friday the time has come! The new double album "Schattenspiel" will be in stores! With this album LACRIMOSA are making a special present for their loyal fans by opening their private archive and sharing their unreleased compositions and recordings with you. Furthermore, the booklet in usual valuable style includes this time not less than 32 pages, including so far unseen photos of LACRIMOSA plus personal notes from Tilo Wolff in which he explains the history of each song on this double album.


Schattenspiel Girlie

Schattenspiel T-Shirt





Besides we have good news for the Swiss fans: From now on you can order a part of the LACRIMOSA merchandise at CeDe.ch! (Yet the complete assortment stays available at www.hos-shop.com)
Now we are happy to celebrate the release of "Schattenspiel" on May 7th together with you!


Your Hall of Sermon Team

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April 28th 2010 - Searching for models!

For this years Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig (Germany) we are looking for female volunteers!

Are you over 18, sociable, interested in modeling and want to know more about it? Then write with actual pictures of you and the subject 'Volunteer for WGT 2010' to lacrimosa@bluemail.ch until the 5th of May 2010.

Your Hall of Sermon Team

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April 27th 2010

LACRIMOSA are the title story in the May issues of the magazines Zillo and Ritual, as well as Act of the Month in the magazine Orkus in May 2010!


Further we are proud to announce that worldwide range of Fan Release Parties!




April 30th 2010 Neuenkirchen (GE)
Club Cäsar
May   1st  2010 Leverkusen (GE)
May   1st  2010 Mannheim (GE)
Ms Connexion
May   1st  2010 Düren (GE)
Club Tech Noir
May   1st  2010 Hildesheim (GE)
May   1st  2010 Leeds (UK) Black Veil @ The Wellington
May   5th  2010 Hannover (GE)
Dark Star
May   5th  2010 Zürich (CH)
Palais X-Tra
May   7th  2010 Leipzig (GE)
May   7th  2010 Schleswig (GE)
Ela Ela
May   7th  2010 Trier (GE)
May   7th  2010 Puebla (MEX)
Funkey Monkey
May   7th  2010 Mexico City (MEX)
Bar Cria Cuervos
May   7th  2010 Buenos Aires (AR)
May   8th  2010 São Paulo (BR)
Galeria do Rock
May   8th  2010 Koblenz (GE)
May   8th  2010 Mexico City (MEX)
Dada X
May   8th  2010 Guadalajara (MEX)
Bar La Mancha
May   8th  2010 Leipzig (GE)
Café Neulicht
May 13th  2010 Berlin (GE)
May 14th  2010 Dresden (GE)
May 22nd 2010 Paris (FR)
Les Caves du Théâtre du Nesle
May 22nd 2010 Lima (PE)

Club MAO


And together with the double album "Schattenspiel" there comes the new T-Shirt and Girlie as well as the Lacrimosa Poster of 2010! Furthermore we offer now Lanyards with bottle opener among the LACRIMOSA Merchandise Assortment at www.hos-shop.com.

New Merchandise








Your Hall of Sermon-Team

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April 27th 2010

Due to technical problems the "Feuer" fanclip competition was offline last week for which we apologize! Now all is online again and you can vote for your favourite clips until May 22nd 2010!


Your Hall of Sermon-Team

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April 21st 2010 - LACRIMOSA @ Facebook

Further to official websites www.lacrimosa.com and www.myspace.com/lacrimosaofficial you can visit LACRIMOSA new on facebook too! Furthermore again we like to inform you that NO OTHER from LACRIMOSA, Anne Nurmi or Tilo Wolff operated website exist!


Your Hall of Sermon-team

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April 17th 2010 - The introduction of "Schattenspiel" starts!

From today on each day we will introduce to you one song from the new anniversary CD at www.lacrimosa.com!
With the CD following on May, 7th the songs in full length will follow together with a booklet of 32 pages with unpublished pictures of LACRIMOSA as well as personal production notes from Tilo Wolff in which he unveils the story of each single song.
In the next days and weeks there is a lot to discover and we wish you to enjoy yourself with it.
Your Hall of Sermon Team

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April 13th 2010 - "Feuer"-Fanclip Competition


After LACRIMOSA presented their video clip for "Feuer" in the internet for free last year they started a competition in forum for which they asked you to shoot your own version of a video clip for "Feuer". Now after receiving and transforming all clips into the same fomat we finally can present all clips and now you are invited to vote for your favourite one! This voting is closing on May, 15th!

We wish you a pleasant entertainment with all those different clips! LACRIMOSA specially want to thank all you producers, directors, actors, editors and everyone who worked on those short music-movies for your work, your inspiration and your loyalty!


Your Hall of Sermon-team

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April 8th 2010 - The tracklist of "Schattenspiel" growth!

Back in 1996 for the release of a single LACRIMOSA recorded an extended version of their hit "Copycat" together with an orchestra. This single got never released and until now this version stayed hidden in the archive.

Now LACRIMOSA decided spontaneously to finally release this recording as track number 18 on their anniversary album "Schattenspiel" on May 7th 2010! 

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April 7th 2010 - news about the upcoming album

After revealing the tracklist of the new album "Schattenspiel" (= Shadowplay) LACRIMOSA at present are working on the album's booklet in which they include photos from the past 20 years that have never been published until now!

Furthermore - as in January and February this year LACRIMOSA recorded two brandnew songs for this anniversary album - they also shot new photos for the booklet and right here you already can take a look at one of them.


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March 2nd - New double album will be released on May, 7th!

For their 20th anniversary LACRIMOSA will release

a new double-CD with 17 previously unreleased tracks from their 20-years band history on May 7th,

including the first demos from 1990 and brand-new songs, which at present LACRIMOSA are recording in the studio. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting release!

Lacrimosa Album history

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February 18th 2010

Vote for Sehnsucht!

Lacrimosa Sehnsucht

LACRIMOSA's album "Sehnsucht" is nominated in the category "Best Gothic Metal Album" on one of the biggest International Metal Webzines Metalstorm.ee!

As registered member you can vote for "Sehnsucht" until the 28th of February 2010. Here we go!


Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

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February 12th 2010

Lacrimosa live

The dates of this years Russian tour are completed and we are happy to announce them here:

May 30th 2010 Saint Petersburg DK Lensoveta Russia
June 1st 2010 Krasnodar DK ZhD Russia
June 2nd 2010 Rostov-On-Don Dom Ofitserov Russia
June 4th 2010 Moscow 1Rock Russia
June 6th 2010 Samara ODO Russia
June 8th 2010 Ekaterinburg Dvorets Molodezhi (Youth Palace) Russia

LACRIMOSA will also play the following festivals:


May 23rd 2010 Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen Germany
July 18th 2010 Zlin Masters Of Rock Festival Czech Republic

More shows around the globe will follow.


Furthermore LACRIMOSA are preparing a special highlight for their 20st anniversary this year! More information coming soon.


Your Hall Of Sermon-Team




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January 21th 2010

LACRIMOSA will perform at Master Of Rock in Zlin/CZ on the 18th of July 2010. More info about the festival you will find here www.mastersofrock.cz !

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

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January 12th 2010

Tilo Wolff will be the guest-dj in the club METROPOLIS in Lisbon on the 15th February 2010.

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team

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January 7th 2010

Feuer videoclip presentation


We are still receiving numerous Feuer videoclip right now therefore the presentation on www.lacrimosa.com will be delayed. We would like to take this occassion to thank all the fans who have sent to us their videos, we are glad to present them soon!


The new closing date is now the 22nd January 2010. All until then received clips we can consider for the competition.

Your Hall Of Sermon-Team


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